Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate

Upgrade your Tailgate! Part 3 – Tailgating on a Budget

When I think of football, my mind immediately goes to fond memories of attending tailgate parties in high school, college, and beyond. Now that football season is in full swing, it means tailgating parties are too. If you are hosting an upcoming tailgate party for your favorite team, it’s time to think outside the box. With our Upgrade Your Tailgate! series, we’ll help you diversify the types and styles of parties you can throw as you root your team on to victory!

So far in this series. we’ve covered tips on how to throw a fabulously over-the-top tailgate in Part One as well as a kid-friendly tailgate in Part Two. However, if you’re one of those dedicated football fans who throw tailgates every home game or if you’re cost-conscious in general, you’re aware of how expensive these events can be. That’s why we’ve developed 4 helpful tips regarding the most important parts of your shindig to help you throw a tailgate party on a budget.

Upgrade your Tailgate! Part 3 - Tailgating on a Budget
OK – so what exactly do we need for this weekend’s tailgate? We need to stay on budget, but it still needs to be fun!

1) Drinks

Drinks are a must at a football tailgate, however, it’s often THE most expensive tailgate item to provide. So rather than blowing your budget on booze, make it a B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beverage) event – everyone bring their own beverages so everyone drinks what they like. We do recommend providing bottled water and/or cheap nonalcoholic beverages; after all, you are hosting the party.

2) Food

Yes, providing food to a large group of people at your party is a generous thing, but it’s not always expected. These days, it’s common to make your tailgate a potluck, but as the host, it’s also customary that you provide the main course in some fashion. Divvy up the guest list and ask one half to bring appetizers and the other half to bring desserts so you don’t wind up with all appetizers or desserts.

Upgrade your Tailgate! Part 3 - Tailgating on a Budget
That’s right – when you hit adulthood, you don’t want to stand up for the entire tailgate. Having tables and chairs for your guests’ food and drinks is important.

3) Tables

When serving food, you’ll need a place to put the food. If your table easily fits in your vehicle, then that is perfect, but if not, then make the term tailgate party a reality. If you or someone you know is a truck owner, save yourself the hassle of bringing a table, and use the truck tailgate as a food station. Rather than setting the food on top of the bare tailgate, drape a table cloth in your team’s colors over it for team spirit and for some appeal.

4) Chairs

Depending on how long you and your guests plan to tailgate, it’s nice to have some where for your guests to sit. Unless you happen to run a rental company on the side, you probably don’t have a plethora of chairs to provide much less the space to transport them for your guests. Instead, there’s no shame in asking your guests to bring a chair or two.

At the end of the day, remember when hosting a tailgate typically people are just excited to be involved in the football frenzy and are fine contributing to the party. They just want someone to do all the planning – and that’s where you come in with these excellent budget-friendly tailgate ideas.

What recommendations do you have for throwing a budget-conscious tailgate? Share with us in the comments!

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