Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 1 – An Over-the-Top Tailgate

When I think of football, my mind immediately goes to fond memories of attending tailgate parties in high school, college, and beyond. Now that football season is in full swing, it means tailgating parties are too. If you are hosting an upcoming tailgate party for your favorite team, it’s time to think outside the box. With our Upgrade Your Tailgate! series, we’ll help you diversify the types and styles of parties you can throw as you root your team on to victory!

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 1 - An Over-the-Top Tailgate
“Someday, we’ll trade in our face paint and foam fingers for a classy tailgate with actual utensils.”

With this first installment, we want to aim high with our tailgate aspirations. Instead of blending in with the other average tailgate parties, make yours chic and fabulous with these over-the-top and glamorous tailgate party ideas.

Tents. They are important because, whether you’re in direct sunlight or battling some wind and rain, you need protection from the elements. However, instead of using a ratty old tent usually reserved for the beach, rent an elegant white tent. As a bonus, the company will set it up and take it down so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 1 - An Over-the-Top Tailgate
Your chandelier doesn’t have to be THIS extravagant, but it could be!

Chandelier. Nothing says chic like a pretty chandelier. It would be the perfect decoration to hang in the middle of that white tent.

Bartender. Class up your tailgate by hiring a bartender to pour the drinks. It takes the burden off of you so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities. And while beer is typically the most popular beverage to serve, be sure to also include liquor and wine options as well. You can also class up the joint by serving drinks inside actual glassware.

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 1 - An Over-the-Top Tailgate
If you’re going to truly have a super-fancy tailgate, just go ahead and pony up the funds for really good food from a caterer.

Catered Food. Elevate the typical potluck tailgate by hiring a caterer to bring and serve the food. The menu will be cohesive, and just like with the drinks, you won’t have to worry about preparing and serving everything yourself.

Monogrammed Cups & Napkins. It isn’t a party unless there are monogrammed or personalized cups and napkins. For team spirit, opt for printing in your team’s colors. If you want to take it up a notch, provide koozies for all your guests to commemorate the event!

White Linen Tablecloths. Add a touch of elegance to your tailgate by placing white linen tablecloths on top of all your tables.

Music. This is an important factor because it provides great background noise and can even dictate the mood of a party. Be sure to bring a Bluetooth radio that syncs to your smartphone so you can play songs through Spotify or Pandora.

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 1 - An Over-the-Top Tailgate
Because one screen is never enough when it comes to enjoying live sports.

Multiple Flat Screen TVs. There are so many football games being broadcast on the weekends, so it would be a nice gesture to bring some flat screen TVs so your guests can stay up to date on all the games. Depending on your electrical needs, bring a portable generator so you’re guaranteed to have power for the TVs.

A Dress Code. Think of it this way – if everyone is sitting around in jean shorts and t-shirts while partaking of your classy tailgate, you haven’t really elevated the event like you should. Now we’re not talking about a “black tie event” or “top hat and tails,” but try creating a dress code encouraging people to wear classier duds in team colors.

Once you have everything set up, just sit back, relax and enjoy the day!

Up Next: We discuss family-friendly tailgate ideas in Part 2.

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