Update Your Home Décor! Four Tips To Revitalize Your Space in Summer

Update Your Home Décor! Four Tips To Revitalize Your Space in Summer

Greet the summer’s heat with a few small changes in your home décor to compliment the hot temperatures and adventures of summer days. Vacation, pool side relaxation, and fruity drinks all bring bold colors to mind. And that’s exactly what designers are using to freshen up interior spaces this summer.

We share our favorite ways to incorporate summer vibes into your living space, and help you update your décor this season!

1) Update Your Walls with a New Coat of Paint

White is timeless, and white walls are white-hot this summer. It works with just about every sofa, bed set, and dining room table imaginable. Freshly painted white walls open up your space, allowing the freedom to incorporate any color scheme or style you desire with artwork, window treatments, and pillows. If you’re looking to give your home a minimalist feel, you can’t go wrong with white.

As a color that changes as the light changes throughout the day, grey possesses a certain mystical effect. It compliments all tones of wooden floors, tiles, and most carpet colors. Don’t be afraid to include summer-inspired colorful décor in your grey room. Grey is adaptable and looks great with most bold colors, especially yellow and coral.

Deep indigo blue is a color we’re seeing in both fashion and interior design. From shibori dyed housewares and clothing to deep blue walls, the color reminds us of the deep blue ocean where many of us spend our summer vacations. Blue walls lend a timeless richness to a room, while allowing brightly colored housewares to pop. It keeps a room feeling dark and cool, which for many of us is a respite from the summer heat.

Update Your Home Décor! Four Tips To Revitalize Your Space in Summer2) Just Add Plants

Indoor plants are a fantastic summer addition to your décor, adding life and texture to what might have otherwise been a dull corner of a room. Indoor plants also give off oxygen – a double bonus! The natural shades of green complement just about any interior style you currently have. Select a larger-sized plant, 3 feet or larger, to give your room an added organic sculptural element.

3) Add Bold Color

Not up for painting your walls? Add a few bright and bold new pillows to your couch. Coral, buttercup yellow, magenta, and aqua are in. Don’t be afraid to combine either of those colors with a deep green or scarlet red. Pastel tones stayed behind with Easter, as this summer is all about vibrancy. You can also add a swath of color with a few new picture frames and richly colored vase. Don’t forget to fill your vase with summer’s best cut flowers.

4) Switch Out Your Textures and Patterns

Southwestern stylized graphics and textiles are popular this summer and for good reason. Their dynamic colors and designs inspired by Native American weavings invigorate a room. Update your living room area rug with one that is inspired by the southwest and includes a rich tapestry of colors like mustard, tangerine, turquoise and red. Recover a few old chairs with new fabric to give an added freshness to your dining room. Or select a fun cotton print and create new pillow covers to bring old pillows back to life.

With just a few of these new additions, your place will feel updated for summer in no time!


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