Understand Energy Usage Like Never Before: Announcing Direct Your Energy in Your OAM

Energy is a mysterious commodity. We all use it, yet it’s not often clear as to how much energy we are using, or how our usage converts into what we pay.

On the forefront of innovation and energy leadership, Direct Energy has designed a platform within its Online Account Manager (OAM) called Direct Your Energy. This function will make it crystal clear how customers can see and understand their energy use, and use this information to lower their usage and energy costs. A few of these features are blazing trails; they’re currently not offered by any other energy supplier.

Online Account Manager

OAM is the portal into your historical energy consumption, your bill, and ways to pay. But for the first time ever, our dashboard will incorporate different components based on customer attributes.

Heat Map Calendar

Located within the Direct Your Energy tab, the Heat Map Calendar is a checkerboard of color that indicates various usage for particular days. Red indicates a high usage day, green indicates a low usage day, and each color ties to the cost of that day.  Each day can be drilled down into the amount of energy consumed, and customers can identify what may have contributed to a high or low day based on the color of each square. The only exception for these indicators is whether or not your plan includes free power Saturdays and free power Sundays.

Usage Anomaly Alerts

Direct Your Energy also includes the feature of Usage Anomaly Alerts. These alerts are triggered when a customer’s actual usage is considerably different than what we would have been predicted given their historical usage patterns and weather conditions. Customer alerts are kept front and center to catch your attention with a historical log of alerts. If the source of the anomaly can be identified, such as your HVAC, the customer will be informed immediately.

Predictive Weather Overlay

One of the best new features of OAM is the Predictive Weather Overlay, unique to Direct Energy, not offered by any other energy supplier. It is a forward looking weather forecast that doesn’t only predict temperatures, but also the customer’s bill amounts based on algorithms. Customers can take pro-active measures to adjust their usage if needed, based on upcoming conditions.

Dynamic Usage Graphs

Usage graphs provide the customer the option to view usage by day, week, monthly bill cycles, or year. Temperatures, whether high, low, or average, are overlaid with the usage to provide clarity on their consumption. Our visual map allows customers to get virtually any look at usage they desire.

Are you currently signed up with OAM? It’s free, and comes to you as a Direct Energy customer. Don’t stay in the dark. See the rhythms of energy usage within your household, and find ways to conserve it. It’s good for our planet, and for your pocket!

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Please note: The latest features in OAM are only available to postpaid and residential Texas customers with smart meters.

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