Don’t be a Fool: Get a Tuneup for Your Home HVAC System

Don't be a Fool: Get a Tuneup for Your Home HVAC SystemHow bad could it get? Your home’s air conditioner ran fine all last summer. Really, what could have changed? Besides, you had it inspected two years ago by that company somebody in your office recommended. What was it? Maybe a Universal Filtration Object? Or something else? Whatever it was, they sent that real thin guy with the real big, dark eyes. And the grayish skin. Did he even have a nose?

How bad could it get?  Sure, that outside unit works fine. Except for the noises. You know, the ones that sound like, the computers and transporter on old Star Trek episodes? It’s also kind of odd that your dog stays on the far side of the yard and won’t go near that side of the house. And there’s never any birds in your yard.

How bad could it get? Really! That motor spins like a top. You’re right, all air conditioner motors shake a house like a freight train. That’s normal. Except for the flashing lights that NASA complained about. Oh, you didn’t know about them? Oh, you’re ignoring them. Sure, everyone gets those kinds of letters. All the time.

How bad could it get? Your HVAC system is blowing out cool air and reducing the humidity just fine. Meh, so what if the glowing watery-green stuff trickling out of the condensation tube is behaving like it’s sentient? Very nice of it to bring you the newspaper this morning. After all, you got one of those new, smart systems, right?

How bad could it get? Yeah, I hear you. You’re right, there’s no reason to lose sleep over it. Air conditioner units that emit bright lights and loud noises normally shoot out those kind of probes into the ground. You’re exactly right, your neighbors are over-reacting —”Things moving in the ground.” Geez! Where do they get that stuff? It’s not like this neighborhood was built on an abandoned cemetery or anything. Oh. It was?

How bad could it get?

Don’t be a Fool! Get a tuneup for your home’s HVAC system this spring! Call Direct Energy today for information on how you can you can get your air conditioner ready for the summer heat. They’ll check for coolant leaks, verify the system pressure, and inspect both the blower and motor to make sure your system is ready to face the heat and humidity before it invades like the aliens in Independence Day!

Direct Energy also offers worry-free heating and air conditioning protection plans to keep your home’s heat shield ready to run a maximum!

How bad could it get if you don’t? Seriously. There’s two men in black here to see you…

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