Touching Base with Your Direct Energy Electricity Bill

Touch Base with Your Electricity Bill Using Direct Your Energy

Did you know that as a Direct Energy customer, you get access to our custom insights tool, Direct Your Energy? This tool personalizes your energy experience by providing you with insights into your home energy usage. You can see how much energy you used every day, and what that meant for your electricity bill, as well as which appliances in your home used the most energy.

Want more information to help you better understand how your home uses electricity? We’ll compare your usage to similar homes in your area, provide weather forecasts and how they can impact your usage, and set up an energy profile for your home.

Touching Base with Your Direct Energy Electricity Bill

Plus, the Direct Your Energy insights are sent straight to your inbox as Weekly Usage Summary e-mail. From week to week, you can see if your home’s electricity usage went up or down, and make necessary adjustments to help manage your costs.

Here’s how it’s broken down:

  • My energy usage by the week (compared to last week)
  • My energy usage for the month so far (compared to last month)
  • Usage indicator on a scale of LOW, MODERATE, and HIGH
  • My energy usage in relation to the temperature outside

It’s basic, it’s easy, and it gives you a quick glimpse of what you can expect on your home electricity bill. Or even better, the e-mail is a friendly reminder that, if you need to make adjustments to lower your usage, you can do it over the next days and weeks to stave off  high bill.

At Direct Energy, we’re working harder and thinking smarter, so you can #LiveBrighter. We really are the energy company that wants you to buy less of what we sell, and hopefully, Direct Your Energy helps along that journey.

Want to learn more? Visit us here to see how this tool can help you save on your home energy usage costs – and potentially lower your electricity bill.

*Note: Direct Your Energy is currently available to Texas customers only.

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