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Getting Ready for the 2014 Hurricane Season with Direct Energy

Though the official start of the 2014 Hurricane Season isn’t until next week, it’s never too early to get prepared in case something happens. That’s why the National Weather Service holds “National Hurricane Preparedness Week” each year during the week of May 25th – 31st. It’s the time of year to educate people about the possible effects a storm could have on you, your family, your home, and your area. READ MORE

11 Sizzling Grilling Tips for Summer

Memorial Day officially fires up the summer grilling season. Yet, there’s a number of failed backyard grillardins (grill chefs) who are shaking their tongs at their fire pits, tormented by the inedible slabs of carbonized leather they produce for their family and friends. READ MORE

9 Tips for Keeping Cool when Your Air Conditioner Breaks

One of the summer’s most nagging inconveniences is when your air conditioner breaks down. It always seems to happen during the hottest weekend or before a holiday or right before your cousins from Indiana plan to visit. And of course, not a single repair technician will be able to visit for about 4 days. READ MORE