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Fuse Box & Circuit Breaker Safety Tips

Getting to Know Your Fuse Box and Safety Tips | Direct Energy Blog

Most homeowners don’t think too much about their fuse boxes until they want to install an outlet, ceiling fan, or light fixture, or one of the fuses blows. While it’s good to have your fuse box checked out by a licensed electrician once in a while, it’s also good to have a working knowledge of just how the thing does its job. You don’t need to know how to wire a fuse box to understand the basics of how it works. Besides, getting to know your fuse box might save you some money down the road. And it’s always smart to sort your circuits so you’ll know what breaker switch controls what. READ MORE

How to Prevent Overloading Your Circuits with Holiday Decorations

How to Prevent Overloading Your Circuits with Holiday Decorations | Direct Energy Blog

Nothing invokes cheery holiday spirit better than a brilliant light display, inside and out. On the other hand, nothing brings winter revelry to an abrupt halt like the power suddenly going off in a room, causing the lights, music and other electric-powered accessories to unexpectedly wink out. READ MORE

Safety Tips for Installing Your Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Lights

Safety Tips for Installing Your Christmas Lights | Direct Energy Blog

Holiday lighting arrangements are great when setting the mood for the Christmas season, but they can also put your home at risk if you aren’t cautious about how you lay out your illuminating displays. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments responded to an average of 170 home fires per year caused by Christmas trees between 2012 and 2016, 43 percent of which were started by electrical distribution or lighting equipment. These tree fires resulted in an annual average of 4 deaths, 15 injuries and $12 million in property damage. And while outdoor lights are generally not strung along anything quite as combustible as a Christmas tree, they can still pose a risk if you use damaged equipment or overload your circuits, so outdoor holiday light safety is another factor to take into account when planning your seasonal decorations. READ MORE

Winter Heating & Electrical Safety Checklist

Winter Heating & Electrical Safety Checklist | Direct Energy Blog

While holiday lights might be now be safely packed away, wintertime cold remains. With many homeowners relying on space heaters and other kinds of electric heating devices to make their homes comfortable, it’s important to state alert to problems with these that can result in injury or even tragic house fires. To help you safely enjoy being comfortable this winter, we’ve put together our Electrical Safety Checklist For Winter. READ MORE

How to Care for Your Home’s Gas Systems After a Flood

How to Care for Your Home’s Gas Systems After a Flood | Direct Energy Blog

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane, tropical storm or storm surge often means coping with flooded roads, homes and communities. If your home has flooded after a storm, starting the recovery and rebuilding process can seem overwhelming. Dealing with your insurance company, removing all the flooring, drywall and sheetrock, deciding what to repair and what to replace –  the entire process can be a daunting and emotional one. READ MORE

After the Flood: Outlets and Switches

After the Flood: Outlets and Switches | Direct Energy Blog

After a devastating storm, recovery can take weeks before some neighborhoods have habitable homes with running water and electricity. As homeowners return home to survey the damage, many are wondering what can be salvaged from their electrical systems. READ MORE