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Life Hacks: What NOT to Buy in July

Life Hacks: What NOT To Buy

People enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we especially like ones that help us save money. Sites like DealNews and Lifehacker provide great money-saving tips on a regular basis, including specific items you shouldn’t purchase in a given month. Thus, here’s the July installment of our monthly series on what NOT to buy! READ MORE

Direct Energy Buzz for November 2014

The Direct Energy Buzz for November 2014 is packed full of interesting tidbits that can help you become a more responsible and informed energy consumer. We feature an optimistic but cautious update about US energy efficiency; the real life facts that environmental impact matters even when you’re building a solar energy farm, how Sandia National Lab software helps institutions save on their HVAC and meet new standards, and how alfalfa seeds and pine resin can make lithium ion batteries eco-friendly and recyclable. READ MORE