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4 Tips for Eating Organic on a Tight Budget – Holiday Edition

Eating organic foods can be a great thing for your body. When you’re eating organic, you’re eating food free of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and other chemicals, which definitely sounds like a positive. The problem however, is the price tag attached to this healthy way of eating. While there are expenses throughout the year, the holidays inevitably bring higher expenses thus making the budget to eat organic food a bit tighter.  So if you are faced with this dilemma, here are 4 tips for eating organic on a tight budget during the holidays. READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide: 4 Tips for Encouraging Home Improvement

Most home improvement gift guides are all about tools. Which is all very fine and nice, since people need tools to complete home improvement projects. But anyone who has tackled any home improvement job will tell you that the most intimidating part of the task is just sitting down to plan everything. Why? Because building a deck, installing a skylight, or insulating the attic can often appear complicated — especially if it’s the first time you’ve attempted such a project. READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide: Products to Help Create a Smart Home (Part 2)

We’ve heard how the “Smart Home” uses of the Internet of Things (IoT) will change life in the 21st Century. Frankly, it does seem a bit crazy to get messages from your appliances on your phone. Yet, while not everyone is interested in every single IoT or Smart Home device, more consumers are discovering smart home devices that they can actually use to make their lives more safe, energy efficient, and convenient. READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide: Products to Help Create a Smart Home (Part 1)

We’ve heard how a “Smart Home” will use the Internet of Things (IoT) to change life in the 21st Century. The single most important facet rapidly becoming clear to manufacturers is that these things sell best if they are designed to be both modular and mixable on the same home network. Plus, considering the comments on a New York Times blog post last January, not everyone is immediately interested in every single IoT device. Still, consumers are growing interested in those devices they can actually use, especially if they are convenient and reliable. READ MORE

6 Tips to Help Reduce Stress During the Holidays

While ‘tis the season to be jolly’ might apply to some people, planning for the holidays can leave many of us feeling impatient, irritable, and blue. When the realities of our daily lives conflict with our efforts to make a Martha Stewart-like holiday, stress kicks in. Thankfully, we’ve collected a few ways to help you reduce stress so you can savor the season with your family and friends. READ MORE