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Is Your HVAC System Giving You Headaches?

Is Your HVAC System Giving You Headaches? | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to the Take Charge of Your Home series from Direct Energy! Hiring a professional to perform household maintenance may offer convenience and peace of mind, but you can do many of these jobs yourself with no experience or special tools. And in the process, you’ll save money, learn about how your home works and gain a sense of accomplishment from a DIY task done well! READ MORE

A Summer Survival Guide to Limited or No Air Conditioning

A Summer Survival Guide to Limited or No Air Conditioning | Direct Energy Blog

In the summer, there is nothing more tempting than blasting the A/C. However, this can get expensive, and if your air conditioner breaks, it always seems to happen at the worst possible times. Whether you’re saving money or your A/C is on the fritz, try some of these tested strategies to help you stay cool and comfortable. READ MORE

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Shade? – Energy Efficiency Myths

Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Myths series from Direct Energy! As many myths arise from incomplete knowledge, they can create seemingly possible answers that many people accept as fact. Each month, we will examine common misunderstandings about energy efficiency — whether it’s in your home or about the energy industry — and deliver real facts behind the myth (and how they might be costing you money). READ MORE

What Is The Right Temperature For My Air Conditioner In the Summer? [Infographic]

Shading Your Air Conditioner - Energy Efficiency Myths | Direct Energy Blog

Ready for the summer temperatures? Neither are we.

Sure, you want to keep your home cool when the hot weather arrives, but you certainly don’t enjoy paying the higher energy bills that come from running your air conditioner more often. Well, Direct Energy is here with an infographic that helps you determine the right temperature setting for your home’s air conditioner in the summer. READ MORE

A History of the Air Conditioner

A History of the Air Conditioner | Direct Energy Blog

How did people stay cool before the air conditioner was invented? At the turn of the 20th century, it was perfectly normal to step outside and dunk your head in a public fountain. Or, if you lived on a farm or ranch, you might sleep on the porch or even on the front lawn. You certainly would think twice about living down south. It wasn’t easy, but back then, you just had to cope with the heat as best you could. READ MORE

How Can I Extend the Life of My HVAC System?

What is my HVAC System Trying to Tell Me? | Direct Energy Blog

Whether it’s a warm, inviting retreat on a cold winter day or a cool refuge from the summer heat, your home can always be comfortable – thanks to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. But indispensable as it is, it won’t last forever. READ MORE