Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide for February 2016

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide for February 2016

Throughout 2016, we’re bringing you a monthly series called the Smart Shopping Guide to help you save money all year long. In addition to the deals, we will also highlight items that aren’t priced to sell. Our information is gathered from sites like DealNews and DailyFinance, folks who scour the retail world to find the best and worst deals. We want to help you become a smart shopper!

With events like the Big Football Game, Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day, consumers will find deals a plenty in February. However, it’s important to be aware of the items that are priced to sell as well as the items that aren’t. Check out this month’s smart shopping guide so you’ll know which items are good to buy this month as well as the items to be aware of not to buy.

Good Buy: TV’s

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide for February 2016
Save on a great television that brings all those great plays to life in your living room.

This weekend’s Big Football Game and last month’s Consumer Electronics Show have spurred discounts on electronic items like HDTV’s and home theater sets. For steeper discounts, look for an off-brand TV or for a later model.

Bad Buy: Smartphones

While many electronics are priced to sell this month, smartphones are not on that list. The new models for Android and Microsoft hit the market in the spring, so for big discounts, it’s best to wait until then so you can then purchase the previous model. If you are interested in purchasing the newest model but don’t want to pay full price, then wait a few months after it’s been released to find discounts.

Good Buy: Post-Valentine’s Day Gifts

To find the best deals on Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s most advantageous to wait until after the big day. Retailers discount items like jewelry and flowers in the days following Valentine’s Day due to the drop in demand, so you should be ready to pounce so you get ready for 2017.

Bad Buy: Pre-Valentine’s Day Gifts

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide for February 2016
If you’re going to purchase stereotypical Valentine’s Day gifts, try not to pay full price for everything.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, retailers tend to not offer large discounts on standard Valentine’s Day gifts like jewelry, flowers, and chocolates. Like mentioned above, it’s best to wait until after the big day to take advantage of better deals. If you do end up purchasing a gift of these sorts, then don’t pay full price. Retailers such as Kay Jewelers and offer discounts from 25% and up on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Good Buy: President’s Day Sales

With President’s Day on Monday, February 15 this year, the week before and especially the weekend leading up to the day will be packed with President’s Day sales. Some of the best deals to look for will be on mattresses, furniture, and even steeper discounts on winter apparel.

Good Buy: Tax Software

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide for February 2016
It’s 2016 – Do you really need to fill out a paper tax return?

With Tax Day coming in April, February (and March) will be a good month to find deals on tax-filing software. Some deals have started in January, but they will continue to get better as we draw closer to April 15. Just remember to leave yourself plenty of time to file so you don’t miss the deadline!

Stay tuned in March for the next installment of our Smart Shopping Guide. Keep saving!

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  1. Great shopping tips Brooke, i think the best deals are on presidents day as well. If someone is looking to buy a vehicle that is really the best time to get a great deal i myself have bought the two cars i own for at-least 15% off what they would regularly be during other times of the year.

    Jose G,
    Service Manager
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