Six Rainy Day Activities with Kids that Don't Require Using Energy

Six Rainy Day Activities with Kids that Don’t Require Using Energy

Rainy days – we’ve had a lot of them this past summer. As we dive deeper into hurricane season, there’s a chance for more rainy days ahead. Try our these six rainy day activities that don’t use any energy to keep your kids entertained indoors and to help lower your energy bill.
1) Puzzles

Puzzles can be a great rainy day activity to keep kids entertained. Jigsaw puzzles get kids to use their brain, and it’s a great activity to encourage parent-child involvement.

2) Books

During the summer, most kids are more than likely spending their days in the pool or with friends rather than working on reading and writing. Thus, a rainy day is perfect for carving out some reading time as an activity. In addition to reading, foster their creativity by encouraging them to write a story or even act one out as well.

3) Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt throughout the house can be a great rainy day activity to get kids up and moving. They can either work together as a team to find the hidden objects or it can be done as a competition. Feel free to create the hunt on your own, or you can print one from online.

4) Make Cleaning Competitive

No kid likes to clean, but putting a competitive spin on the activity can be just the ticket. You can choose to reward all who cleaned or whoever cleaned the fastest, best, etc. It’s worth a shot, right?

5) Games

Whether they’re board games, card games, memory games, or something in between, good old-fashioned games are great activities on rainy days. This can be a fun way to get kids to use their brains, plus it’s the perfect way to incorporate family time. Ban all electronics like smartphones, laptops, or TV’s from the table during the game to allow for quality family time without any interruptions.

6) Arts and Crafts

Spread some old newspapers out on a table, break out the paints, markers and crayons, and let your kids channel their inner Picasso or Pollack. For a fun craft activity, have your kids create their own cork board to hang up pictures, school work, or whatever they choose. They can decorate a sheet of cork board with paint, stickers, or fabric, place in a frame, and then hang on their wall. For other arts and crafts ideas, check out websites like Pinterest and

What recommendations for rainy day activities do you have that keep your kids busy indoors when the weather is bad? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for this information. In rainy day kids have no energy and they only play gadget and watch TV which is not so good. But this six activities relay give them energy.

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