Six Family-Friendly Outdoor Games for Your Labor Day Party

Six Family-Friendly Outdoor Games for Your Labor Day Party

Six Family-Friendly Outdoor Games for Your Labor Day PartyLabor Day Weekend is here, and to me, this symbolizes the end of the summer here in Texas. For my friends up North, this is one of the last three-day weekends to enjoy the outdoors before winter starts to rear its ugly head. For my family across the South, we can finally start to experience long stretches of sub-100 degree weather.

In addition to better weather, Labor Day is also a time to enjoy a paid day off from work, usually celebrated by a party with friends and family. And if you’re planning such a shindig, here are six fun outdoor games to keep your guests entertained throughout the day.

1) Washers / Cornhole

This classic backyard game is great for adults and kids. To play, opponents toss bean bags (cornhole) or washers towards a raised platform to see how many they can get into (or at least close to!) the hole at the top of the platform. And if you don’t have the game platforms already, they’re fairly easy to make yourself. Click here for full instructions.

2) Badminton

In this cross between tennis and volleyball, you hit a plastic “shuttlecock” (aka birdie) over the net with a small, lightweight racket. Badminton sets range in price and can be found at sporting goods store near you (or a retailer like Target or Walmart).

3) Bocce Ball

Pronounced “botchie”, this fun game is for two or four opponents competing to roll their bocce balls as close to the main ball – called the Pallino – as possible. Also called “lawn bowling,” you can purchase a bocce ball set on Amazon for $35.00 or check in sporting goods stores.

4) Croquet

Here’s a great party game for all your inner golfers. Players hit wooden balls with a mallet to make them roll through hoops stuck in the grass. You can play in teams or individually – and you’ll be surprised how competitive it can get.

5) Flag football

Perfect for guests of nearly all ages! And after a day full of eating, it’s a great way to get your guests up and moving. Even better, you can just make the flags yourself with old towels, duct tape, or any other lightweight, “flappy” material.

6) Sprinklers

Sprinkler fun keeps your kids (and adult-sized kids) cool and entertained during a Labor Day party. Whether you hook up the hose to a sprinkler, sprinkler toy, or even a good ol’ fashioned slip n’ slide, this could be the hit of the party.

Do you have any suggestions for great family-friendly outdoor games for your Labor Day Weekend party? Share with us in the comments!

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