2018 Autumn Forecast

2018 Autumn Forecast | Direct Energy Blog

If you’re eager for the return of cool weather, crisp air and falling leaves, it’ll get here… eventually. READ MORE

Weather Forecast for Spring 2018

Weather Forecast for Spring 2018 | Direct Energy

Will Spring Ever Arrive?

The winter weather of 2017-2018 has followed something of the classic La Niña effects on North America. Warm ridges over the North Pacific and in the southwestern U.S. contributed to the Polar Jet pushing low temperatures and storm tracks flowing from western Canada eastwards. The exception, however, is that colder air for the most part was pushed further east and south from November through January (ironically looking more like an ENSO-Neutral pattern as opposed to hanging out over the northern plains. Some folks in the Mid Atlantic states say they’ve had enough winter and they’re more than ready for some nice weather. READ MORE