Beware Of Persons Asking For Utility Bill Payments Over The Phone

Scam Alert! Beware of Persons Asking for Utility Bill Payments Over the Phone

Attention all Direct Energy customers in Alberta!

A recent phone scam affecting small businesses and other persons has hit across Alberta. A similar scam focused upon other energy retailers in Alberta earlier this year, but some Direct Energy customers have reported receiving similar phone calls in the past few days.

Here is what to watch out for:

  1. A potential victim by phone may be contacted by a criminal claiming they are from Direct Energy.
  2. The criminal may state that the victim’s power will be cut off if a payment is not made.
  3. The criminal will ask the victim to make a payment using a credit card or prepaid debit card called a Pay Power Reload Pack.
  4. The victim purchases the Pay Power Reload Pack and then communicates the number of the card back to the criminal over a 1-800 number.
  5. The victim then later learns that the amount of the Pay Power Reload Pack was not applied to his/her Direct Energy account balance.

At this time, local police departments and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating these criminal activities.

If you suspect that you are being targeted by or are a victim of this illegal activity, please call your local police department or the RCMP to file a report. It is important that you report even potential fraud of this nature, as it can help the police track down the criminals.

We advise all Direct Energy customers that we do not require our customers to use a specific payment method when paying a bill. Also, if you are being contacted by a number you do not recognize claiming to represent Direct Energy, we recommend that you call the number on your energy bill so you can speak with us. Our authorized representatives can assist you with checking your outstanding balances, making payments to your account, and getting answers for all of your billing and payment questions.

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