Safe Summer Fun Around The Pool

Safe Summer Fun Around the Pool

We’re quickly coming up on ideal pool weather! As is summertime tradition, as the weather gets warm and the winter tensions ease, inhibitions are loosened and mishaps happen, so let’s take a few minutes to talk about safety in and around the pool.

  • Electronics and water don’t mix. If something requires a plug, keep it a safe distance from the pool. Accidentally knocking a cocktail blender into the pool will not only waste good drinks, but it could also result in serious injury or death. If you absolutely need to have fans, speakers, or lights near the pool, consider the battery powered kind, and preferably the water resistant type.
  • Running and horseplay around the pool is a just a bad idea all around. Let’s paint a picture: you’re chasing someone around the pool, they slip, hit the side of the pool and fall in. Now you’re coughing up the money for an ER visit and a new iPhone. (Have I ever chased someone around a pool? Yes indeed I have, but this is one of those do as I say and not as I do situations.)
  • A cold beer or a glass of wine are great while having fun with friends in the pool, but if glass breaks in the pool, that’s the end of a good evening. Instead, opt for cans of beer, or plastic cups for your libations!
  • Keep your eyes on the little ones. Kids and pools go together like peanut butter and chocolate, but remarkably kids don’t always think through their basic safety tips. They need you to help make their summer fun a little safer. Also, keep kiddos away from pool drains and pipes as they can get trapped.
  • Take a basic first aid and CPR class just in case something does go wrong. An ounce of prevention goes a long way, but being prepared is the best way to make sure that people stay safe and happy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of pool safety tips, but a little bit of common sense and situational awareness are the first steps toward safe summer fun.   Do some further pool safety reading, call up some friends, and fire up the grill, it’s pool season!

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