Rain, Rain Go Away… Don’t Make My Energy Bill High Today

No, really. Please don’t.

Like many Texans, I am working from home today, thanks to Tropical Storm Bill. As it goes in the case of storms in any part of the country, whether it is rain, sleet, or snow, sometimes you just have to be home. The most important thing is to stay safe.

And when you’re home, you’re using more power than usual, which can potentially up your energy charges. Thanks to Direct Your Energy, I can get a sense of how weather might impact my energy bill. And, I can see my day-by-day usage in the heat map calendar to see my high and low usage days, as well as my actual usage, or predicted usage by day. This is one easy way to stay in control, and I have loved having these kinds of insights to my charges.

So, how else can you save energy when at home during a storm? Here are some quick tips:

1. Temp Control

If it’s raining, hopefully it’s a bit cooler out than the average summer day. An adjustment of just a few degrees can help you use less energy.

2. Unplug

Make sure you have full charges on your cell phone, etc. for safety, but when you’re not using your phone, laptop, or other appliances, remember to unplug them and shut down.

3. Chores. The Non-Appliance Ones.

Windex and wipe down, friends. Take care of those dust bunnies, and why not take the time to reorganize your closet, pantry, or that desk drawer that’s stock-piling papers. Try doing your dishes by hand. There are lots of household items you can take care of, while you save the laundry for a lower-usage day, or cooler evening hours when your machine won’t have to work as hard.

4. Low-Usage Meals.

Hopefully you made a grocery run before a big storm. Try a new recipe that doesn’t require an oven or stove, like tasty chicken salad, or a sweet no-bake dessert.  For a suite of recipe ideas that are on point without having to turn anything on, visit our Recipe for Low-Energy Usage Pinterest Board.

5. Read a Book. Play a Game. 

Instead of sinking into the couch in front of your t.v., pick up an old book you’ve been meaning to read, catch up on magazines, or get the family in on a game of Monopoly.

Hope you are staying dry, staying safe, and staying busy from home!

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