Top Five Hurricane Preparedness Products

Prepare Your Family and Home with the “How Hurricanes Impact You” Infographic

We’ll be the first to admit that it’s been a light couple of years in terms of hurricane activity. We’re nearly two months into the 2014 Hurricane Season: we’ve only experienced once storm of any sort – Hurricane Arthur – and The Weather Channel is tracking only a single bit activity in the Atlantic Ocean at the moment.

However, we still believe that people should be prepared in the event of a major storm – especially a hurricane – so we developed a helpful infographic entitled “How Hurricanes Impact You.” We share details about the formation of hurricanes, the impact of wind strength and storm surge, and what you can do to get ready before a storm heads your way. We’ve even made a version you can print to keep for your records!

If a storm does threaten your service area, follow Direct Energy on Twitter so that you can receive updates on what’s happening. You can also head over to the Hurricane Prep Center for a wealth of resources for your hurricane preparedness needs. We want everyone to stay safe!



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