How to Care for Your Home’s Gas Systems After a Flood

How to Care for Your Home’s Gas Systems After a Flood | Direct Energy Blog

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane, tropical storm or storm surge often means coping with flooded roads, homes and communities. If your home has flooded after a storm, starting the recovery and rebuilding process can seem overwhelming. Dealing with your insurance company, removing all the flooring, drywall and sheetrock, deciding what to repair and what to replace –  the entire process can be a daunting and emotional one. READ MORE

Technology Buzz, July 2017

Technology Buzz, July 2017 | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to July’s edition of the Technology Buzz! This month, we’ll peruse recent developments that turn windows into smart windows.  And seeing as it’s beach season and time for building sand castles, we’ll delve into the perils facing off-shore wind installations and what researchers are learning about them. READ MORE

How Can I Prepare My Child for Severe Weather?

Kids are curious, resilient, and often times much braver than we give them credit for, but they still look to parents for help and guidance when the world seems too big for them to handle. When that time arrives, instinct tells us to don our “Super Parent” cape for them to hide behind as we keep the tough stuff at bay. READ MORE

Was Your Home Damaged by Flooding? The Six BIG Questions to Ask a Contractor

The Six BIG Questions to Ask a Contractor

No matter where you live, when flooding damages to your home, your family will face a whole range of heartache, especially if you’re displaced to temporary lodging. Your home is your biggest asset, so you want to know right away how bad it is, what costs you’re facing, and most of all, how long it will take to make it just like new. Until you can answer those questions, you’re going to feel vulnerable, anxious, and stressed. READ MORE