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Energy Efficient Home Improvements for 2014: Part 1 — Windows

Cutting your energy costs is a great way to save money especially if you’re facing high electricity bills from the recent cold weather. The problem for some homeowners is that they might not be certain about the kinds of energy problems to look out for in their home. With that in mind, we begin a 4-part series about what Energy Efficient Home Improvements you can complete in 2014. With this first installment, we’ll investigate your windows and discuss what to look for and some possible solutions to any issues you might have. READ MORE

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Money in 2014

It’s the New Year, and for many of us, it’s time to establish our annual “New Year’s Resolutions”. Coming off the holiday spending, saving money may be on the top of your resolution list. If that is the case, here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions for saving money in 2014. READ MORE

Dave’s Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Home Improvement

Did you know that energy efficiency can increase the value of your home? If you’re thinking about home improvement projects for the new year, remember you can save time, money, and headaches by doing some research on how difficult these jobs can be. So, here are our Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Home Improvement to help you get a jump on your projects for 2014. And like any good Top Ten countdown, our resolutions are presented 10-1. READ MORE

DIY Projects to Re-purpose Your Christmas Tree

The problem with the end of the holidays is that, once you strip the lights and tinsel from your Christmas tree, it suddenly becomes a big, dead flammable bush dropping dry, sharp needles that will get stuck into your bare feet. Now, if you paid a lot for your tree, you might want to find ways to get your money’s worth – instead of just tossing it to the curb. Sure, you could make a few pine-scented sachets of potpourri, but what can you do with the rest of a 6- or 7-foot tall tree? READ MORE