Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account Management

Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account ManagementWelcome to our instructional series on the new-and-improved Online Account Manager from Direct Energy. We’re really excited to help you navigate Online Account Manager, as we want to ensure that you understand how this portal can benefit you as both a Direct Energy customer and energy consumer. In Part 1, we’ll walk you through the “Account Management” tab, including material on renewals, plan switches, outages, and more!

Plan and Account Information

This page represents all the basics in what your Online Account Manager can do for you. It’s the best place to start when learning about your electricity account with Direct Energy. We’ve brought together a wealth of helpful information and ways to update that information to make account management even simpler. At the top of the page, we display your current plan, your most recent balance, the most recent payment you made, any current balance you might have, the due date for that balance, and a link to pay that bill. We then share links to view your past bills, add another account to this one, or make your current account your default one. It’s really your one-stop-shop for your everyday electricity account needs.

Further down the page, you can view your essential contact information and even update certain aspects to improve how we reach out to you, including your:

  • Online Account Manager Password
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Alternative Authorized Contact
  • Outage Contact Information
  • E-mail Address
  • Paperless Billing Status
  • Auto Pay Billing Status

Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account ManagementFinally, this page outlines the key Order Details for your service with Direct Energy, whether it’s current, past, or future orders. This section presents your service address, billing address, ESIID, Meter Number, Service Start Date, Plan Name, Price per kWH, Upcoming Plan Name, Upcoming Rate per kWh, Contract Start Date, and more!

Transfer Your Service

Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account ManagementThis is a rather straightforward section, but it’s an important one. We want to help you move your electricity service from one home to another without interruption.

  • Enter the date when you want service to end at your current address
  • Enter your new service address in full
  • Enter the date when you want service to start at your new address
  • Click “View Plans” to select the new plan for your new service address

There are 2 important things to understand when you transfer your service:

1)    You are allowed up to 30 days of overlapping service with 2 service addresses. If you need more than 30 days, you might sign up for a new “Move In” instead of a transfer.

2)    You must pick a new plan for your new service address. Plans do not transfer between addresses. This means you will have a new rate and plan at your new address, even if you just started a brand-new plan at your current address.

Switch to a Fixed Plan / Renew Your Plan

The subject line of this section depends upon whether you are currently on a fixed- or variable-rate plan. We want to help you stay our customer by providing you options and flexibility with your service with us.

  • If your rate is variable, it will read “Switch to a Fixed Plan” so that you can lock in your rate for a specific contract term and avoid price fluctuations.
  • If your rate is fixed, it will read “Renew Your Plan,” but you will only be able to renew your plan if your contract is set to expire within the 90 business days. If you are outside this time frame, you will not be able to renew with a new plan at this time.

Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account ManagementYour Documents

This page provides the fine print to your service with Direct Energy in the form of 3 documents:

  • Electronic Facts Label – specific to your plan with us
  • Terms of Service – specific to whether you are on a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan
  • Your Rights as a Customer – applies to all electricity customers in the deregulated parts of Texas

You can also download these documents to your computer for reference at your convenience.

Outage Information

If you ever lose power in your home or area, you can refer to this page for the information needed to report an outage to the appropriate people. This information is specific to your service address, as you will need to contact the utility company for your area about the outage. We have provided the phone number, outage report webpage, and outage map so that you have your outage needs addressed as promptly as possible.

Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account ManagementRefer A Friend

We’ve made it easy for you to tell your family and friends about Direct Energy. And for each of your referrals that becomes an official customer, we’ll give you a $50 bill credit! Just check your bill (or the “Plan and Account Information” link in your Online Account Manager) for your unique Referral ID!

We hope that this Online Account Manager walkthrough has been helpful. These updates were designed to improve the experience that you have with your electricity account information. We believe in creating informed energy consumers so that you can make the Texas electricity choice that’s right for you, your family, and your home on your terms. Stay tuned for the rest of this series later this month.

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