5 Items to Keep Unpacked when Packing Up Your Home

Moving Done Easy with Our Moving Timeline and Checklist

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed a productive moving season thus far. Direct Energy has spent the past few weeks sharing a host of ideas, tips, and recommendations designed to help you and your family have the best move possible. Moving is stressful, especially when you think about every facet of the moving process in one fell swoop, including packing the boxes, choosing a moving company, setting up your utilities, getting the moving truck loaded, and more!

Well, that’s where we enter the picture! With our brand-new Moving Done Easy infographic, we’ve created a single document that breaks down every aspect of moving into several small to-do lists so that you can better manage your time, tasks, and resources and make your move a success.

Moving Done Easy with Our Moving Timeline and Checklist
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It’s important that you get your old home packed up and transported to your new home in a way that keeps everyone happy and healthy. Direct Energy hopes that our helpful infographic will assist you and your family have a stress-free move!

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