Take the Stress Out of Your Move with Moving Done Easy from Direct Energy

MOVEROne call really can do it all! Here at Direct Energy, we’re excited to help you with your move – and we’re geared up to assist you with whatever you need with Moving Done Easy. From setting up your home Internet to finding moving trucks, the details can easily become overwhelming. We know that, so Direct Energy is offering you your own FREE Personal Move Assistant. What can your Personal Move Assistant do for you?

  • Make sure your electricity is set up so you’ll be moving into your new home, not a dark house
  • Get your TV and Internet set up
  • Provide you with mover quotes
  • Help you with your home security and home services needs
  • Assist with finding cleaning and maid services for move-in and move-out
  • Change your address and update your contact information
  • Provide you special offers and plan packages for movers just like you

Direct Energy is also excited to offer you moving tips and checklists so things on your end go as smoothly as possible. For example, did you know you can save money and space by wrapping your fragile items in your clothes?

One out of every 6 people moves each year. If this is your year to move, we can help. Your professional Personal Move Assistant will have the answers, and you don’t even need to ask the questions. Just call 1-866-828-6743 to get started.

It’s your move — we’ll just help Direct it.

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