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Direct Energy’s Monthly Book Series: Budgeting

Welcome to Direct Energy’s Monthly Book Series! In this series, we’ll introduce you to some of the best books on topics that are important to our customers and our environment. From green living to budgeting to home improvement, our Monthly Book Series will feature a range of books from intro-level to in-depth studies to ensure there is something for everyone! While our recommendations aren’t specific endorsement of these books or authors, they do reflect what we feel are educational and analytical books on the given topic.


Learning how to properly maintain your finances is often one of the biggest challenges of adulthood. And with the thousands of budgeting and personal finance books out there, knowing where to start can be even more daunting. Whether you’re straight out of college and just learning what a 401k is or you’re in your 40’s and have been investing for decades, developing this essential life skill takes time and proper guidance.

Direct Energy’s Monthly Book Series: Budgeting | Direct Energy Blog
Learning how to budget and handle your personal finances is an essential life skill that is never too late to learn.

In this segment of our Monthly Book Series, we will focus on a variety of finance books, from the basics of budgeting and paying off loans to buying your first house and investing like a pro, to help readers of all ages build upon their budgeting skills.

1) I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

This easy-to-digest book comes with a serious six-week personal finance program to help readers gain financial independence without putting in too much effort. Sethi breaks down some of the most complicated financial topics into simple and actionable tips, making it that much easier for readers to put them into practice. Learn everything from how to manage loans to negotiating for a raise to learning how to save for your future. I Will Teach You To Be Rich is great for those just beginning to grasp the ropes of personal finance.

Recommended for: Best for 20-somethings starting out on their own or those with a beginner’s knowledge of investing.

2) Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez

Direct Energy’s Monthly Book Series: Budgeting | Direct Energy Blog
Robin and Dominguez argue that spending money on life experiences is much more valuable than spending money on things.

If you’re tired of being stuck in the rat race, or you’re looking to reevaluate the role money plays in your life, then this book is for you. Instead of bombarding their readers with financial tips that are difficult to put into practice, Robin and Dominguez remind readers that spending money for the right reasons isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They contend that being rich in experiences can be much more important than simply being rich. Your Money or Your Life takes a look at the psychology of money, and the impact it has on your goals, dreams, and overall happiness.

Recommended for: Readers who are looking for a new perspective on the concept of money and the role it plays in their lives.

3) The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray

One of the most difficult skills to master in personal finance is investing – understanding the terminology, how to invest, what to invest in…the list just goes on and on. Thankfully, Goldie and Murray’s book, The Investment Answer, provides some answers. The book breaks down the process into five simple decisions, and then provides effective and easy-to-follow advice anyone can follow – experienced or beginner investors.

Recommended for: Readers who want to truly understand how to invest in plain and simple terms.

4) Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze

Direct Energy’s Monthly Book Series: Budgeting | Direct Energy Blog
Teaching your kids how to handle money at an early age benefits everyone in the long run.

Most people turn to personal finance books to further their own knowledge and understanding of budgeting. For those of us who want to convey that knowledge to others. this is where Ramsey and Cruze’s book, Smart Money Smart Kids, comes in handy. Equip yourself with the skills needed to teach your children everything from spending and saving money to paying for college to avoiding debt.

Recommended for: Parents who want to help put their  family on the right track when it comes to knowing how to handle and spend money.  

5) The 5 Years Before You Retire: Retirement Planning When You Need it the Most by Emily Birken

While most Americans put aside some money for their retirement, most don’t realize they actually don’t have enough money until only a few years before they plan to retire. Thankfully, The 5 Years Before You Retire is here to help! The book focuses on exactly what you need to do in the next five years to create the retirement savings account you’ve always wanted.

Recommended: Readers who are on a time crunch when it comes to planning their retirement.

Check in next month when the Direct Energy Monthly Book Series talks about Volunteering and Charity Work!

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