Life Hacks: What Not to Buy in May

PDE - lifehacks mayeople enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we especially like ones that help us save money. As it turns out, websites like DealNews and Lifehacker provide great money-saving life hacks and tips on a regular basis. In particular, they’ve created a yearly timeline listing out the best times to purchase certain items. While that has been helpful, they’ve also collected specific items you shouldn’t purchase in a given month. Thus, here’s the May installment of our monthly series on what NOT to buy!

The month of May is a busy one for retailers and consumers with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and the beginning of summer break. With all of the potential deals to take advantage of, it’s important to be aware of what is not priced to sell this month. Here are the items to hold off on purchasing during the month of May.

Summer apparel. While retailers may be discounting apparel items, the discounted items will typically be spring apparel, not summer. In order to see discounts on summer apparel it’s best to wait till August and September.

Laptops. May is not the month to purchase laptops if you’re looking for a deal. According to Dealnews, retailers will actually start to run back-to-school deals for laptops beginning as early as June. So if you can wait a bit to purchase a laptop, you’ll be able to take advantage of much better deals.

Outdoor accessories. Outdoor items like patio furniture and grills are not going to be discounted during the month of May. Since this is prime outdoor and grilling time, retailers have no need to discount those types of items. Wait until at least July, or better yet, the fall to see great discounts.

Tools. Though May is a good time to work on outdoor projects, it’s not a good time to purchase tools at a discount. Wait till June around Father’s Day to see lower prices.

Boats. The summer is the perfect time to be out on the water. However, if you are in search of buying a boat now is not the time to do it. If you can, hold off on purchasing one until the fall, which is when consumers can find deals of up to 50% off the big ticket price (

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