Life Hacks: What NOT to Buy in June

People enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we especially like ones that help us save money. Sites like DealNews and Lifehacker provide great money-saving tips on a regular basis. In particular, they’ve created a yearly timeline with the best times to purchase certain items. While such a list is helpful, they’ve also collected specific items you shouldn’t purchase in a given month. Thus, here’s the June installment of our monthly series on what NOT to buy!

Between my kids out of school for the summer, graduation parties to attend, and Father’s Day, June can lead to major spending. However, before you make your next purchase, check out these items NOT priced to sell during this month so you don’t end up over-spending.

Air Conditioners Since June is one of the hottest months, there aren’t any deals on air conditioners or cooling products to be found. Instead, wait until September for Labor Day sales to see better discounts on those items. That is, if you CAN wait until September – don’t make your family suffer if your AC breaks just because you want a deal.

Back-to-school Deals. Sure, you might find a few sales later this month, but to truly capture the best deals, we recommend you wait until August.

European Travel. The US is entering the “high season” in terms of folks traveling to Europe. This puts prices at their highest, so discounts will be far and few between. For those interested in traveling overseas, wait until September to find discounts of up to 40% – not to mention the weather will still be wonderful, and there will be far less crowds.

Grills. With Father’s Day around the corner and the summer being a big time for grilling, it’s obvious why June is NOT the month to purchase a grill. With the demand high, retailers are not inclined to discount grills. If shopping for a grill, try to wait until August or September to see discounts of up to 50%.

Outdoor Patio Furniture. The same theory applies to outdoor patio furniture as it does to grills. With more people outdoors, there’s a greater demand for outdoor seating so retailers won’t discount outdoor patio furniture. Wait until the end of summer to find the best deals.

Summer sandals. Currently shoppers can find minimal deals of around 10% off summer sandals. However, by waiting till August, deals will be closer to 40 and 50% off.

TV’s. According to June is the worst month to purchase a TV. There aren’t any discounts to be seen and prices are typically higher than usual this month. Wait until January to take advantage of TV deals.

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