Life Hacks: What Not to Buy in February

People enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we especially like ones that help us save money. As it turns out, websites like DealNews and Lifehacker provide great money-saving life hacks and tips on a regular basis. In particular, they’ve created a yearly timeline listing out the best times to purchase certain items. While that has been helpful, they’ve also collected specific items you shouldn’t purchase in a given month. Thus, here’s the February installment of our monthly series on what NOT to buy!

February – the month for love … and President’s Day. Consumers will be exposed sales galore around these two holidays. While some of the sales may be legit, others may be too good to be true, as some key items are simply not priced to sell this month.

Smartphones. To find the best deals on smartphones when you’re ready to upgrade, it’s good practice to buy a slightly older model right after the newest version comes out. If you really need to purchase the newest version, waiting a few more months is also a good rule of thumb. Since new Android and Windows models usually arrive later in the spring, it’s better to wait until then to make a smartphone purchase.

Televisions. February is not the month to make that purchase. The experts at recommend that you wait to make the TV purchase the November before the Big Game because you’ll find much better deals with Black Friday discounts.

Valentine’s Day Gifts. The two weeks leading up to February 14th often leave shoppers without any major discounts to take advantage on jewelry, chocolates, and other traditional gifts for your significant other. There may be some to attract shoppers into stores, but shoppers hoping to find big discounts should wait until after Valentine’s Day, as stores try to unload their old inventory.

Now I am not saying to stock up on discounted chocolate to give to your Valentine for next year (Gross!), but keep this in mind when shopping for Valentine’s Day beforehand. To help find discounts on items like jewelry, be proactive with your shopping efforts by hitting seasonal sales early in November and December. If you wait until the “day of,” retailers know you’re scrambling for a gift and will be charting full price.

Do you have any recommendations on what NOT to buy in February? Share with us in the comments!

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