Life Hacks: What NOT To Buy

Life Hacks: What NOT to Buy in July

People enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we especially like ones that help us save money. Sites like DealNews and Lifehacker provide great money-saving tips on a regular basis, including specific items you shouldn’t purchase in a given month. Thus, here’s the July installment of our monthly series on what NOT to buy!

When it comes to July, there is a lot going on in terms of retail sales. From July 4th sales, summer sales, and even super-early back-to-school sales, it seems like there are savings galore this month. However, are these prices truly at their lowest, or could they stand another month or two to capture truly rock bottom prices? Check out these items NOT priced to sell so you don’t end up over-spending this month.

Beach & Pool Gear. Since we’re in the prime beach and pool season, it’s no wonder why July is not a good time to purchase gear like beach towels and beach chairs. When is the time to buy? Just like other outdoor items, September is a much better time to buy when you can pick up those items for up to 50% less.

Laptops. Consumers have seen laptop deals starting last month. However, don’t be fooled by the advertisements. If you can, wait till August or early September, which is when you’ll see prices drop an additional 8-25%.

Patio Furniture & Grills. Continue holding off for at least one more month in order to take advantage of major deals on patio furniture and grills. You’ve made it this far, so what’s one more month, right?

School supplies. While advertisements for back-to-school deals may be tempting this month, refrain from buying any school supplies until mid to late August. That’s when retailers start discounting to attract customers away from competing retailers.

Sunglasses. Though we’re half way through the summer, July is still not a great time to purchase sunglasses. To find deals of up to 40-50% off, it’s best to wait until September and October.

Televisions. TV’s top the “Do Not Buy” list again for the second month in a row because there are very little deals, if any, to be seen during the summer. For the best deals on TV’s, it’s best to wait until Black Friday deals (November) or maybe even January.

Do you have any items you’d recommend your fellow readers NOT buy in July in hopes of saving money by purchasing them later in the year? Share with us in the comments or on social media!

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