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Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We can’t thank our mothers enough for what they’ve done, and for what they continue to do. But we can certainly find unique and simple ways to show them how much we love them, and how grateful we are.

With Mother’s Day just around the bend, we’ve gathered some personalized ideas to give Mom a treat that she’ll remember for years to come. Use these kid-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas for the whole family to help make Mom or Grandma a gift they will keep forever. These Mother’s Day gift ideas will let her know there’s no-one else on Earth quite like her.

Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Direct Energy

1. A Memorable Outing

Maybe mom hasn’t been to the opera in her lifetime, or perhaps she has always wanted to take an origami workshop? Rather than giving your mother another dust-collecting trinket,  take her to a show and give her a full-blown experience she won’t forget.

Tailor it to what your mother loves, and include eating out prior to the activity. Live music, a sporting event, an afternoon doing archery, a Saturday morning jaunt to the local Farmer’s Market or a hike in the national park are just a few ideas.

If you orchestrate this on a day that’s not Mother’s Day, you’ll be more likely to get into her favorite restaurant, too.

2. Salt Dough Hand Hangers

Using three simple ingredients and an oven, gather your children one afternoon to create beautiful little ornaments for mom or for grandma.

Combine 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour, and 3/4 cup of water. Slowly pour the water into the dry ingredients and mix until well combined. Turn the mixed dough onto a hard surface dusted with flour.

Cut out a circle shape using a coffee mug or small saucepan lid, then have your child place their hand print firmly into the center, leaving their imprint.

Using a straw, push a hole into the top of the dough so that you have a way to hang a piece of wool or ribbon through it later.

Turn the oven on to 180 degrees F, and slowly cook it. Depending on how thick and large the dough ornament is will determine how long to cook it for. Once cooled, feel free to decorate it with paint, glitter, or leave it all natural.

3. A Handmade Book from the Heart

Make a simple book with a few easy supplies and have each family member, even the baby, include a page in there for Mom.

Grab some cardboard or watercolor paper and fold the pieces to make a decent sized book. Punch a few holes on the fold and bind it with wool, embroidery thread or waxed hemp string.

Inside the book, make each page like a miniature scrapbook. For a baby or very young child, dip their hand in non-toxic paint, and leave a hand print. Or allow them to make a finger painting.

Write a few memories in there about the day each child was born, and what you remember most about her. You could also have everyone write or share what their favorite meals, rituals and holidays are with her and how she makes these so special.

You’ll need a little time for this meaningful project, but with its authenticity and originality, it will be fun to make, and well worth it once she opens it.

Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Direct Energy

4. A Month-Long Farm Share

If mom is into cooking and loves fresh, organic foods, look to give her a local farm share for one month. You could pre-pay for it and write a little note for her outlining what the share is, when to pick it up, and what it entails.

This gives her something that she can use and something that nourishes and inspires her. Get creative with it and have the kids make drawings of herbs and produce and write punny cards.

Along the way, she might meet farmers and decide to continue supporting the farm through their Community Supported Agriculture programs.

5. Handy Family Coupons

Coupons are a cost effective, unique and excellent way to give mom something she would love while including the family in the process.

Whether you’re making them for grandma from the grandkids, or for your wife from you and the kids, you can tailor them to be specific to what each lady would like or needs. Get the children involved by drawing and decorating the coupons to make them wild and beautiful.

Coupons could be for washing the car, folding the laundry, a foot rub, Sunday coffee in bed for the month of May, or a honey-do of her choosing. While helping mom any day of the week is the way to go, this ensures that she’s pampered just that little extra.

6. Sunset Picnic

Take mom for an easy gift of a homegrown sunset picnic. Pack up some cheese, olives, cut veggies, hummus, crackers and perhaps some wine and toss a blanket in the car. Drive to a local park or lookout and spend some time with her relaxing as the sun sinks into the horizon. You could also include a few chocolate truffles for dessert.


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