Improve the Energy and Efficacy of Your Morning Routine with These Six Apps

The quality of your morning routine — getting out of bed, organizing your thoughts, and how you plan your day — directly affects your entire day. Consequently, it’s important to get energized so you can focus on the day ahead of you. But how do you do actually DO all that stuff when your bed is comfortable and thinking is too hard?

Improve the Energy and Efficacy of Your Morning Routine with These Six Apps

There’s an app for that! We’ve examined seven of the best apps that improve the energy and efficacy of your morning routine. Making any of these part of your daily habits will to help get you out of bed, fire up your brain, and and kick your consciousness into gear before you head out the front door.

Get Up!

1) Some people prefer to begin the day with friendly voice, an unobtrusive companion. So if you want a simple app that resembles and old reliable clock-radio, try the Alarm Clock by Apalon Apps. It tunes in your fave radio station and displays local weather conditions – Plus, it has its own built-in flashlight function for those difficult mornings when you have to wake up extra early.

2) If you have real trouble hitting the snooze button, Agens AS’s Morning Routine is a little more mischievous. It won’t turn off its alarm until you get up and scan the bar code from the preset item you choose. Or you can set it to play your favorite radio channel.

3) For those requiring even more persuasion, BetterMe will post a message to your Facebook wall that you hit the snooze button and failed to get up. It also uses the same strategy of public humiliation to get you to appointments on time.

Get Moving!

4) You may be awake and shuffling about, but your brain is saying, “Leave a message, I’ll get right back to you.” Morning motivational apps help get your body and mind moving, engaged, and focused. Motivate Me! by TheFabulous uses science-based coaching to increase your energy and motivation by instilling 5 health habits into your life, including 7 minute workouts and little mediation. Set up your morning routine and your personal voice coach will give you advice based on your everyday habits.

5) Already have enough morning habits but have trouble getting out the door? Swiftime is an alarm app that speaks how much time you have until you need to head out. It also lets you know about local weather and offers tips on what to wear.

6) More concerned about keeping track of ALL of your daily tasks? Morning by Tamper grabs your day’s essential information from your other apps and puts in front and center for you to choose and rearrange panels, including weather information, news, reminders, and time.

Just one more thing — Following a regular sleep schedule throughout your week helps maintain your body’s internal clock and makes it easier for you to wake up. Sleep Cycle uses the phone’s accelerometer to identify sleep phases by tracking movements in bed. It will then wake you over the course of a full 30 minutes during your lightest sleep phase.

What apps do you use to kickstart your morning routine? Share your recommendations in the comments!


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