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How to Save Energy in the Winter [Infographic]

As temperatures drop, your heater makes your home a sanctuary from the cold winter weather. It’s tempting to crank up the temperature and make yourself a warm and cozy space, but that of course would also heat up your utility bill. Fortunately, there are several cheap and easy ways you can stay comfortable and save energy in the winter.

Getting comfortable at a lower home temperature might be easier than you think. Below we’ll talk about some of our favorite ways to stay cozy.

How can I stay warm and save energy in the winter?

  1. Dress for the season
  2. Reverse your ceiling fan
  3. Use natural light
  4. Think about unused rooms
  5. Drink some warm tea or soup

These are great and simple ways to stay warm, and they’re easy on the wallet. See how you could implement these methods into your home to increase your energy efficiency and lower your winter electric bill:

[Infographic] How to stay warm and save energy in the winter without raising your energy bill.

You don’t need to turn up the heat to stay comfortable when it’s cold outside. Try these ways to save energy and you will be on your way to a lower winter electricity bill in no time!

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