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How to Declutter Your Home

Starting the new year off with a declutter is a great way to mentally prepare for the year ahead. It’s well known that when we live among clutter, it can affect our mood and make us frustrated.

When you have fewer items, it’s more likely that they have a place in the home. In a home that is cluttered and overflowing, items pile up with nowhere to be stored.

We share our tips on how you can declutter your home, and bring that little extra bit of feng shui into you and your family’s daily life this year.

How to Declutter Your Home | Direct Energy Blog

How Do I Declutter My Home?

1. Be Realistic

It will take more than one weekend to declutter your home completely. Be realistic and accept that this could be a month long project that is done thoroughly, and right.

2. Gather Bags and Boxes

Be sure to have bags and boxes to place your items in. Decide which box is for donating, and which is for recycling. Start organized to make the process easier.

3. Pick Your Day Wisely

We would recommend waiting until the weekend to take on something like a garage, the kids’ play room, or the closets. What may not be sentimental to you might be to someone else, so it’s important to share the work load and create a day when everyone is on board and ready to declutter.

The exception to this rule is purging your children’s rooms! If your children are anything like mine, every little toy and trinket is something that’s precious and can never be thrown out or donated. Perhaps you choose to declutter their room while they’re at school, or out on a playdate.

4. Minimizing Multiples

If you have a drawer with multiple decks of cards, two hammers, two of this and two of that, keep your favorites and get rid of the rest. There’s no need to keep multiples when they take up space, and add to the clutter.

5. Empty Drawers

Do you stick everything into one particular drawer so you don’t have to deal with it until later? What about all of those instruction manuals you’ve held onto, and old receipts? With the internet, there is really no need to hold onto manuals. Everything can be found at the tips of your fingers. Go ahead and recycle them.

Computer parts and cords for items you no longer use or own can also be recycled at some office stores, or donated to a thrift store. Sort through your receipts and determine whether or not you’ll be returning things. If it’s too late, then toss these in the recycling bin, too.

6. Clean Out Your Pantry

Shelf by shelf, pull out items onto the kitchen counter top. If you haven’t cooked with an ingredient in over a year or it’s expired, toss it or put it into the compost pile if you have one.

For bulk items that are in plastic bags, consider transferring them to glass snap lid jars. This cleans up the look of the pantry so much!

How to Declutter Your Home | Direct Energy Blog

7. Declutter Your Closet

This can be one of the hardest to deal with, as we often hold onto old clothes hoping to fit back into them one day, or for sentimental reasons.

If you haven’t worn it in two years, donate it to someone who will. Shoes that haven’t been worn in a year should also be donated. Belts can be sorted through, and only keep the belts that still fit, or that you’ve worn recently.

Go through your underwear drawer and throw out items that have lost elasticity or are in bad shape.

Coats take up lots of space, so pull those out and decide which ones you can get rid of. In the chillier months, shelters hold coat drives. Keep someone else warm with a coat you no longer wear.

Once you’ve made some more space, go ahead and recycle or donate your coat hangers.

Commit to the new rule that for every new shirt, dress or pants that comes in, one must go out. This way, you’ll always maintain balance and space in your closet.

8. Pair Down Linens

Sheets, towels, and wash cloths, take up lots of space on shelves. Sort through them, and donate the ones that are unraveling, coming apart at the edges, or have stains. Animal shelters will gladly take these from you.

9. Throw out Broken Items

If you’re holding onto broken things waiting for the day to repair it, just go ahead and get rid of it. It’s taking up space, not only in your home, but also in your mind.

10. Return Borrowed Items

If you are holding onto something that isn’t yours, then return it to its owner! Get rid of it!

Decluttering not only cleans up your home, but also your daily life. Getting rid of old and unused items that are just taking up space makes you better able to appreciate the things you really love. Start the new year with a clean slate!

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