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How to Choose the Best Air Filter for Your Home [Infographic]

Air filters are important to maintaining your home’s air quality, which keeps your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently and keeps your family healthier. But not every air filter is right for your home. If your air filter is too weak, it won’t remove enough contaminants from the air, resulting in a clogged HVAC system. If your air filter is too restrictive, it can cause lack of proper airflow and burnout in HVAC motors and controls.

How can I choose the best air filter for my home?

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose the best air filter for your home. The key to finding the one that’s right for your system is to use MERV ratings. Below is a list of the different types of air filters you’ll commonly see, including spun fiberglass, disposable pleated paper or polyester, electrostatic, and disposable pleated high MERV filters. We take you through the MERV rating system and share the functions of each type of filter to help you find the best air filter for your home.

[Infographic] How to choose the best air filter for your home to improve HVAC efficiency and your family's health.

Every HVAC system is different, so make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations in your owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. By investing in the best air filter for your home and family, you can be sure your air will be cleaner and your HVAC system will continue to run smoothly and efficiently, saving you energy and money. If you need a second opinion about the health of your HVAC system, call a licensed professional.

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