How to Camp With Your Kids, In the Living Room! | Direct Energy Blog

How to Camp With Your Kids, In the Living Room!

Welcome to Plugging Into Your Kids from Direct Energy. In this series, we will share ways you can spend focused time with your children – specifically by unplugging from technology. We want to help your family make a conscious effort to connect with each other by avoiding electronic devices and enjoying some real-life interaction

If you happen to be reading this in the summer months, then you know that staying indoors beats the heat of heading outside to play with the kids.

In this installment of Plugging Into Your Kids, we get away without going anywhere! Unplug  from all technology, and spend the night camping in your living room to make a memory that will stick with you and your children for years to come.

How to Camp With Your Kids, In the Living Room! | Direct Energy Blog

The bonus to living room camping is of course, camping in the comfort of your own home. No bugs, no high wind, no oppressive heat, and no freezing temperatures guarantee a great night “under the stars”.

Choose a weekend when you don’t have any any commitments to emailing anyone, or being online, with the intentions of creating a night to remember at Camp Living Room.

Pitching the Tent 

This is an activity that you’ll do together, and build the camaraderie that comes with camping. Move the coffee table out of the way, clear the living room floor, and turn off the television.  It can be a lesson in building, and you may find your child has more of a knack for tent assembly than you!

Gather blankets, quilts, or sleeping bags, and make the tent cozy. The idea is to spend your entire night in here, not on the couch.

How to Camp With Your Kids, In the Living Room! | Direct Energy Blog

Create the Camping Ambiance

Turn off all the lights, and relying on flashlights alone! Children love to be in the dark with just a small torch in their hands to light the way. We think it may speak to your inner child too, to spend the night in the dark with just the light of a lamp.

You could even use LED tea lights, and place them in little handmade lanterns to provide light. Make a commitment to turn off all electricity at night fall, and do your best to keep it off.

Prepare Snacks and Drinks

You can’t camp without snacks! Gather some goodies earlier in the week that you and your children love to snack on. Go even further and buy snacks that you normally don’t! Indulge in caramel popcorn, chocolate bars, and their favorite candy.

You could even bake your favorite cake or muffins earlier in the day together to bring a homemade vibe to your night.

Get some hot chocolate to make too. Nothing says camping like cozying up with a hot cup of chocolatey richness.

How to Camp With Your Kids, In the Living Room! | Direct Energy Blog

Plan for Games and Music

Camping with games passes the time in a healthy and nourishing way. No iPads on this camping trip. Play cards, Scrabble, Uno, or do a puzzle. Gather some crayons and paper, and kick back and draw together.

Work together without the distraction of technology to play, learn, and just be. It’s in these quiet moments we really get to know who our kids are.

If either of you play music, plan to play a little music in the tent too! Not musicians? Then grab a few bells or shakers and have a little jam session. It will be silly, but that’s the point of it all.

Story Telling

With the lights out and a flashlight in hand, how can you not tell stories? Share stories from own childhood with your kids, and let them know how it used to be. Rotary phones will make you seem ancient! In a world that has changed so rapidly in just 30 years, there is so much to share from the past and so much for them to learn and consider.

If story telling isn’t your forte, grab a book of folk tales to tell over the light of a flashlight. They’re classic, and always have a lesson to take away.

Have you camped in your living room before? Share your camping tales with our readers below.


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