Enjoy the Long Holiday Weekend with 5 New Year's Eve Travel Tips

Enjoy the Long Holiday Weekend with 5 New Year’s Eve Travel Tips

New Year’s Eve 2015 falls on a Thursday night, making a long holiday weekend into a fantastic opportunity to head out of town. Whether heading to see Iowa play Stanford at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, trekking to Atlanta to see the University of Houston play Florida State in the Peach Bowl, planning for an overnight with in-town friends, or maybe catching the B-52’s concert in Houston, here are a few travel tips to remember as you prepare to be away from home this holiday weekend.

Enjoy the Long Holiday Weekend with 5 New Year's Eve Travel Tips
If you’re traveling anywhere for New Year’s Eve, make sure you’re prepared!

1) Prepare the Home for Your Departure

You don’t want to leave for an evening or two or longer without making sure your home will be secure and ready for your return.

  • Lock all your doors and windows
  • Adjust your heat settings
  • Turn off all unnecessary appliances to help save money on your energy bill

If you have a smart thermostat, you can control it remotely so your home is warm and comfortable before you return.

2) Dress for the Weather

Enjoy the Long Holiday Weekend with 5 New Year's Eve Travel Tips
Don’t be this lady. Know what the weather will be where you’re going for New Year’s Eve.

Check out the forecast for where you live and where you’re going in advance and plan your wardrobe around that. If you’re going somewhere that tends to be cold, like Times Square in New York City or some place tropical and fashionable like Miami, you’ll be comfortable by knowing what the weather will be. Plan and pack your clothes accordingly.

3) Take Time to Recon

If you’re going to be partying New Year’s Eve in a town you’ve never been in, it’s a good idea to spend some time on Google Maps getting familiar with the area you’re visiting. After all, dumb things happen — like missing connections with friends or not finding the restaurant because you got lost.

Check out public transit options, as some cities will have extended hours. If you’ll be staying at a hotel, many offer New Year’s Eve transportation as part of a holiday travel package, so be sure to check out their website or check with the front desk.

4) What if Your Designated Driver Gets Drunk?

This can be awkward, but it’s not a disaster. Check in advance if there is a Designated Driver Service for your area at the DrinkingandDriving.org website. Just select your state and then your county. There are both commercial businesses and non-profit groups providing designated driver services.

AAA also offers their Holiday Safe Ride Program in some areas. Another is BEMYDD which serves 31 states and offers a variety of safe ways to get you and your friends back home safely.

5) Take Time to Get Ready for Monday

Be good to yourself on Saturday and Sunday. While there are many recommendations for fighting the effects of over-indulging, one of the most effective ways are simply to re-hydrate yourself and move around. Plan to explore and take in some of the local sights and maybe shop some, but above all, enjoy yourself.

Remember, it’s back to the salt mines on Monday!

Enjoy the Long Holiday Weekend with 5 New Year's Eve Travel Tips
Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year!


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