Green Ideas For Your Outdoor Lighting

Green Ideas for Your Outdoor Lighting

Though my budget may not reflect it, I’m a total freak for lighting. Indoor, outdoor, you name it: I want great lighting. But great lighting is an energy suck, or at least it used to be. The latest and greatest advances in light bulbs and how we power them have given the greenest of lighting freaks a real chance to celebrate. Most web write ups on energy efficient lighting focus on what we do inside the house, but with the onset of summer, I thought we might take our discussion outside.

Let’s talk about the Sun, the source of all the energy we harness, and let’s cut out the middle-man and tap it directly. I am talking about solar lighting, which is not only energy efficient, but also amazingly convenient.

In times past, lighting up pathways and hooking up security lights involved having to hard wire lighting. This made it a project not suitable for the light-hearted casual DIY-er, and employing someone to light up the tree in your front garden isn’t in everyone’s budget.

Solar lighting is now available for almost every outdoor situation and that means NO wiring! Path light installation involves simply choosing a spot and sticking it in the ground. Even security lights can be placed with relative ease. Not only do they place no drain on the power grid, but they are also relatively inexpensive to buy. This makes them a great low-cost project to transform your home at night.

The other great advancement has come in the form of LED everything! Perhaps my favorite application for outdoor LED’s are the good old fashioned string light. Available in tubes, on a line, or in ornaments, LED string lights can create ambiance that is limited only by your imagination. You can cast a warm glow over a backyard or deck by simply crossing two strings, wrap support beams, or outline a cabana. The choices are overwhelming!

The key takeaway to this discussion is that the old energy vampires of outdoor lighting are quickly fading away. Lighting, as with many other gadgets, are getting as green outdoors as they are indoors, and it’s simply brilliant!

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