Should I Go Solar if I Have Too Many Trees or Too Much Shade?

Should I Go Solar if I Have Too Many Trees or Too Much Shade?Photovoltaic panels capture sunshine and convert this free energy into clean, solar electricity. Naturally, the more sunshine those panels receive, the more energy they will produce.

But what happens if your property has too much shading from nearby trees or buildings? Does this mean solar energy is a bad choice for homes positioned in heavily shaded areas? Or what about people who live in urban areas whose homes are shaded by taller buildings? Are solar panels a bad idea if they don’t get sunlight all day?

The short answer is “No!” Excessive shading will compromise your solar systems performance, but there are several options to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you should go solar in your home.

  1. Consider Your Total Energy Output

When calculating things like solar savings, payback periods, and ROIs, it’s best to focus on the total amount of energy use and cost you’ll save versus what you would spend without solar panels.

Even if your property is partially shaded, you’ll still collect some sunlight, which means your solar panels may be able to generate enough clean electricity to justify the investment.

To be absolutely certain, you should schedule a free consultation  with a licensed PV installer like Direct Energy Solar. Our team will assess your property’s solar potential and recommend a solution that’s best for your specific situation.

  1. In Many Cases, Shading can Sometimes be Resolved

Should I Go Solar if I Have Too Many Trees or Too Much Shade?

Some types of shading are unavoidable. For example, you aren’t going to be able to tear down the building next door, but if your panels are blocked by shrubs or trees, it could be a simple fix. In many instances, the removal of a single branch could create enough space to allow plenty of sunshine to pass through. In some extreme cases, customers have removed nearby trees altogether.

And believe it or not, doing so makes good environmental sense.  A 25-year solar installation can offset more CO2 than the average tree can consume in the same period. In other words, your carbon footprint shrinks more if you remove trees to make room for a solar installation.

Some states even have a Solar Bill of Rights that gives you the right to cut down a tree in someone else’s property if it blocks your solar panels. Priority usually goes to whichever was there first — the tree or the solar installation.

  1. Ground-Mounted Solar PV Installations

What happens if your rooftop doesn’t get enough sunlight and you’re unable to remove neighboring trees (or buildings)? One popular solution is to install ground-mounted solar PV panels instead. The installation works exactly the same as a traditional rooftop system, but they will be anchored to the ground somewhere on your property in a more ideal position.  Another option is to install solar panels on other properties that you might own: vacation homes, retreats, barns, sheds, etc. You still benefit from electricity savings and generous solar incentives, and your investment also helps protect the environment!

Have More Questions about Solar Panels and Shading?

At Direct Energy Solar, we’ve worked with many customers who initially believed their properties weren’t suited for solar. And they’ve successfully slashed their utility bills to levels they never thought imaginable.

Before abandoning plans to install PV panels on your home or business, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our expert installation team will inspect your property and draft up solutions to help you get the most out of your solar investment.

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