Who’s Ready for Some Football?!? Celebrate the Big Game in Style with These 5 Tips

For millions of people, the Big Game is a huge event. It’s amazing how many special parties and events that take place all over the U.S. just for this one football game. Whether you are in it for the football, halftime show, or for the hilarious commercials, the events attracts millions upon millions of viewers each year. Because it is such a renowned match, why not celebrate this evening in some new & interesting ways? Whether you are heading to a party, hosting one yourself, or lucky enough to actually attend the game itself here are 5 tips to celebrate the Big Game in style.

1) Dress in Style

The perfect way to show up anywhere to watch the Big Game in style of course starts with your outfit. While jerseys may not be the chicest article of clothing, there are a few items that you can wear to still support your team and be stylish as well. For a casual yet chic look try a fitted sports tee paired with some skinny jeans. For those in cold weather climates, try a cute chunky sweater matched with some colored pants that matches your team’s colors. If you’re attending a dressier affair then wear a cute dress or skirt and accessorize with jewelry that matches your team’s colors.

2) Arrive in Style 

If you are heading to a venue to watch the Big Game then choose to travel in style by taking a limo or party bus if you’re in a larger group. Not only will you arrive in style, but you won’t have to mess with parking and they can typically drop you off at the front. So you can wear those uncomfortable shoes that look so stylish! Not to mention, renting a limo or bus comes with a designated driver, which is super chic and safe.

3) Decorate in Style

If you are hosting a Big Game watching party, a great way to keep up the style is in your décor. Rather than buying some store-bought decorations, try these creative and chic ideas. First, place some footballs in various serving pieces and place around your home like in this picture from Coordinately Yours, she’s placed one in a wine chiller. For creative –themed coasters, cut out squares or circles of AstroTurf that can be found at a hardware store. Another cute idea from realsimple.com is to set out potted wheatgrass topped with little pennants and footballs that can be found at craft stores like Michaels.

4) Play Games in Style

The Big Game is great if you are into football. But for those who aren’t a lover of the sport, the game can be a snooze fest. That’s why it’s fun to introduce certain games into the mix to give something for everyone to do. Coordinately Yours provides two free printable games that are perfect to hand out at your party. The first is Cocktails & Commercials Super Bowl Printable Bingo and then for those not so interested in football is Commercial Bowl, which is a commercial trivia game.

5) Dine in Style

Food is one of the key components to hosting a party especially when it comes to the Big Game. So for a stylish approach, take some common finger foods found at most football watching parties and add a little glam to it. For example, rather than potato skins, have a mashed potato or potato wedge bar. A spin on a cheese and veggie tray are caprese skewers with balsamic drizzle. They are bite-size, healthy and bring some freshness to the table.

What are your plans for the Big Game? Who are you rooting for this year? What are your thoughts on the Halftime Show entertainment? Let us know in the comments!


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