fathers's day gift ideas

Five Father’s Day Gifts for Your DIY Dad

One of my favorite holidays is coming up: Father’s Day! Dads can be tricky to buy for, especially the “man who has it all.” But one particular kind of dad is particularly daunting for some: the DIY Dad! Trying to ascertain the wants and needs of the home handyman in a stealthy manner can be difficult. Here are a few things we like and gifts we recommend.

1) Upgrades are Always Welcome

Chances are Dad has either an under-powered or worn-out tool in his GTD (DIY Dad speak for “Get Things Done”) arsenal, and they are usually pretty easy to spot. Have a look through his driver bits, his drill bits, and his power tools. If you see things that are gnarled or held together by more duct tape than a grade school art project, getting a new one for Dad is a great idea.

2) More Power, Please

Under-powered tools provide you with another great gift opportunity. If you ever see Dad struggling with a mini-chainsaw or a tiny drill that leaves him red in the face, those tools need a more powerful companion. For instance, if Dad’s cordless drill says “12 V” on the side (a 12-volt cordless drill), upgrading him to a Dewalt 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Kit will make him grin from ear to ear!

3) It’s Gadget Time

The world of electronic gizmos makes life easier for the DIY Dad. Recently, I constructed a fence using a string to set my drill line. My job would have been easier if I had something like the amazing Dewalt 3 Beam Laser Pointer Level (a great gift idea for any time Dad has to get lines right).

Another great gift idea is a digital inspection scope like the Dewalt 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Inspection Camera Kit. These handy gizmos allow you to see into walls, around tight corners, and even into engines with ease – making them perfect for plumbing and wiring.

4) Think Outside the Tool Box

Another point of interest for DIY gurus are non-standard tools that make many jobs easier. I am a big fan of two in particular: Dremmel 4000 Series Rotary Tool (for maximum power) and a Rotozip 120 V Spiral Saw. These two tools are game-changers when it comes to DIY, allowing Dad to get far more done with ease.

If Dad is into wiring, consider a fiberglass wire-running kit. My best advice is to look at the jobs that the man in your life loves to do, and consult with your favorite hardware store for advice on what nifty gizmos can make his life a little easier.

5) Get Organized

Lastly, organization is big in the DIY crowd. No matter how chaotic our workbenches might seem, some degree of organization is always appreciated. In my case, it’s my sockets – they are a mess and a constant source of frustration.

Consider getting Dad organizational tools such as a Mag-Clip 3 Assorted Socket Value Pack, Dewalt Ratcheting T-Handle Set 31-Piece Kit (to replace endless loose hex keys), or a hardware storage organizer like the Akro-Mills 26 Combo Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet. Just make sure to let him set it up himself or risk a frustrated “Where is it?” being yelled from the garage.

No matter what you get for the special DIY Dad in your life, remember to keep an eye on what he likes to do, and you’ll do just fine. And don’t forget to buy him some extra WD-40 while you’re at it