Slim Your Waistline, and Your Energy Bill

Favorite Outdoor Workouts: Slim Your Waistline, and Your Energy Bill

It’s bathing suit season, which means most people are spending a little more time working out these days. Why not take the workout outside? Exercising outdoors not only is a great way to improve your health and get some vitamin D, but it also saves energy indoors while you’re away. Here are some ways to get fit and save energy in your home by hitting the pavement.

Tennis – If you are not a fan of running then tennis can be great outdoor exercise option for a full body workout outdoors. Free tennis courts can be found at local neighborhood community centers or public parks. The only set back to playing tennis is that it’s not a single player’s sport, so you’ll need to recruit a friend to play.

Walking/Running – This is the easiest option for outdoor exercise as it can be done right outside of your home. Plus, you have the ability to adjust your level of intensity by either running, walking, or doing intervals of each. If running through your neighborhood becomes mundane, then look for any local parks or running trails in your area for a change of scenery. To help track your exercise think about downloading a running tracking app on your smartphone to track your mileage, time, compare workouts or even provide audio pep-talks (depending on the app).

Bicycling – Riding a bike is a fun outdoor exercise option, because personally it is more entertaining than running, you cover a greater distance, and it’s easier on your joints. For those looking to lose weight but need some assistance on where to start, check online as there are plenty of online cycling plans to lose weight and get in shape.

Swimming – There are many benefits to swimming for exercise. The water provides great resistance, 12 times more than air (, which allows for a full body workout. The heavy resistance allows bodies to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time (bonus!). There are plenty of swimming exercise plans to choose from online as well.

Workout Exercises. There are a variety of exercises that can be done outdoors to provide a great and worthwhile workout. Exercises like pull-ups, stair climbs, park bench push-ups. etc are good exercises to begin with. Fitness Magazine has a 45 minute exercise circuit that if repeated three times along with a few five minute jogging intervals will give you an effective 45 minute full-body workout done through a series of exercises.

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