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Technology Buzz – May 2017

Technology Buzz -May, 2017 | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to the May Tech Buzz! This month, we’ll check out some of the latest news affecting solar panels, from angle-adjustment and roof-top solar to how waste bottle glass help improve LiPo batteries, and then all the way down to 3,000 feet in the ocean where the sun doesn’t shine at all. READ MORE

Energy Efficiency Myths—Going Solar

Energy Efficiency Myths—Going Solar | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Myths series from Direct Energy! As many myths arise from incomplete knowledge, they can create seemingly possible answers that many people accept as fact. Each month, we will examine common misunderstandings about energy efficiency — whether it’s in your home or about the energy industry — and deliver real facts behind the myth (and how they they might be costing you money). READ MORE

Green Camping, Carbon Dioxide, & Electronic Waste – the Direct Energy Buzz for August 2016

Welcome to the August 2016 installment of the Direct Energy Buzz! In this edition, we will head outside to get some fresh air into our lungs and commune with nature! We’ll examine some solar-powered camping gear, the power potential of an artificial leaf to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), and how new technology might dissolve future electronic trash. READ MORE