Seven Spooky Solutions for a Green Halloween

Between the oozing slime, wicked witches, and bobbing apples, there are plenty of things green about Halloween!

But if you want to show the planet some love while enjoying All Hallow’s Eve, you’ll need to incorporate some classic eco-friendly approaches. Consider these tips from Direct Energy this year to ensure you have a creative, spooky, and ultimately green Halloween!

1) Shop for Costumes in Your Closet

Seven Spooky Solutions for a Green Halloween | Direct Energy Blog
Your kids will probably enjoy dressing up in all of the outdated fashion you keep stored in the back of your closet.

Resist the temptation to buy a new costume this year! New materials, packaging, and the time and money spent to buy a new costume aren’t eco-friendly at all. Get creative in your own closet!

Using materials you have at home, determine how you can use what you have to make a fantastic costume without spending a dime. Consider items and tools in your garage and kitchen, and you might surprise yourself to come up with a costume far more imaginative than originally planned for. Robot, scarecrow, or baker, anyone?

If you have little children, we recommend hosting a costume swap. It’s possible that you have neighbors with older children who will be willing to lend your younger children their outfits for the night.

2) Trick or Healthy Treat

Instead of handing out store-bought candy that is expensive and packaged with plastic and wax-coated paper, consider giving trick-or-treaters organic apples or other local organic produce. Not only does it support organic farmers, but it cuts down on litter and candy waste. It also sends a message that Halloween doesn’t have to be a holiday loaded with processed sugary treats.

3) Roast the Jack-O-Lantern Seeds

Seven Spooky Solutions for a Green Halloween | Direct Energy Blog
A handful of yummy pumpkin seeds will make digging out all that pulp worth it.

When carving pumpkins, avoid throwing the guts into the trash can and upcycle the seeds!

  • Set your seeds aside for when you have time to roast them.
  • Turn your oven onto 300° F (148.9° C).
  • Rinse the pumpkin pulp off the seeds.
  • Toss the seeds with olive oil and salt.
  • Spread your seeds onto a roasting pan in a single layer.
  • Slow roast them for 45 minutes, and flip them every 15 minutes to ensure an even roast.
  • Serve warm!

4) Compost the Pumpkins

Pumpkins can rot and decay rather quickly after the night of Halloween, but don’t throw them in the trash to rot in the landfill. Toss them into your compost pile! If you don’t have a compost pile, check with friends that do because they’ll appreciate the gift.

If you own chickens, cut up the pumpkin into pieces they can swallow and give it to them. You can also return pumpkins back to nature is by cutting them up and placing them in your butterfly garden as a nice snack for your flying friends.

5) Use Old Materials to Decorate

Seven Spooky Solutions for a Green Halloween | Direct Energy Blog
Handmade decorations typically last longer than the mass-produced items you find in stores.

Forget buying plastic hanging decorations that will only grow weathered during the month of October, making them good for only one year. Get crafty and make fun decorations you can use for several years.

  • Using old sheets and pantyhose, cut squares to make ghosts.
  • Stuff the center of the square with more old sheets or hose, and then tie a long piece of string around to give it a ‘head.’
  • Leave the string tail long enough so you can hang it from either a tree or your front porch.
  • You can also use old rope to form a spider web across the front of your house.

6) Walk Your Own Neighborhood 

Resist driving to that supposedly “cooler” neighborhood across town. Lower your carbon footprint by walking your own neighborhood this year! And when you do, pack your LED flashlight to light the way and keep yourself and all trick-or-treaters safe and easily seen.

7) Treat Basket

Resist buying a plastic pumpkin basket or the cutest new character-themed basket this year for your kids to collect their candy. Use a woven basket you already have, or a pillowcase works just as well.

Do you have any tips, recommendations, or suggestions on how to have a fun AND green Halloween? Share with us in the comments!


Born in Australia, Ebony has been in Texas long enough to consider herself a Texan-Aussie. Ebony has been writing for magazines, newspapers, and blogs, for more than 10 years. When she's not writing she's building quilts, growing her own food, or camping with her family somewhere far from the sounds of the city.

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