How Can My New Utility Company Help Me Save Money? | Direct Energy Blog

How Can My New Utility Company Help Me Save Money?

Moving into your new home is an enormous undertaking, no matter how much help you have. Between signing all that paperwork, packing, unpacking, and setting in, learning about your new electric, gas, water,and cable providers may not be high on your list of priorities. You just want the services turned on so you can move on with your life.

How Can My New Utility Company Help Me Save Money? | Direct Energy Blog
The day you finally get the keys to your new home is BIG. Just don’t forget all the little days that come next.

We understand the stress of moving into your new home, so we want to recommend getting to know who takes care of the basic necessities in your home. Depending upon where your live, your local utility company and service providers may have adopted new technologies that can help you save money every month.

No More Meter Readers?

How Can My New Utility Company Help Me Save Money? | Direct Energy Blog
These traditional meters – and the corresponding meter readers – are becoming a thing of the past.

For decades, meter readers for electric, gas, and water utility companies pounded the pavement every month to record our consumption levels and determine the size of our bills. But with the arrival of next-generation technology, many companies have converted the old traditional meters to smart meters. These devices can record and transmit your energy usage data remotely without requiring someone to physically read your meter, ensuring a more accurate reading

Some smart meter programs can create opportunities if you want to make more informed and deliberate decisions about energy and water use in your home. Smart meters can check usage levels multiple times per hour (typically in 15-minute intervals), and some can even distinguish among the sources of that energy consumption.

If your new home has a smart meter, check with your utility company to see if you can access this information to learn more about when and where you’re using the most energy.

Planned Energy Use

How Can My New Utility Company Help Me Save Money? | Direct Energy Blog
The energy grid for your area needs all the help it can get in times of high energy usage.

Throughout the day and year, there are peak periods when most homes use the most energy. These times put increased strain on the energy grid and can be expensive for both utility and energy companies, so many of them have created programs to incentivize energy use during off-peak times, often called time-of-day or time-of-use pricing plans.

Contact your utility and energy company to determine if you are eligible for such programs and whether you need to voluntarily enroll. With thoughtful planning, you can make a difference in your monthly energy bills by waiting until off-peak times to do the laundry, run the dishwasher, and complete other energy-consuming household tasks.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

How Can My New Utility Company Help Me Save Money? | Direct Energy Blog
Your utility company can help you realize the benefits of purchasing energy efficienct appliances.

Thinking about purchasing energy-efficient appliances for your new home? Contact your utility company to learn if your home is eligible for any rebates or special offers. You can search for current offers with the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder using your new zip code.

Did you know your cable box and DVR could be more energy efficient? Back in 2014, cable companies and electronics manufacturers entered into a voluntary agreement with the federal government that increased energy efficiency standards in television technology, and several models are now ENERGY STAR-certified.

Moving into a new home presents all sorts of new opportunities, as well as new challenges. Take the time to explore all your new utility company and service providers have to offer, as saving money could be one of them!


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