Green Home Improvement Ideas For Spring

Green Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

Springtime is upon us. If you are anything like the multitudes of Americans that loathe the idea of a spring cleaning, then perhaps you can trade the broom and mop for some good old DIY springtime home improvements that will not only add to your quality of life, but to your green cred, as well.

Nothing says spring like adding some fresh pep to your home, and nothing adds pep like some new paint. While the idea of painting isn’t green in-and-of itself, sooner or later it’s going to happen and if you plan well, there can be some gratifying green outcomes. By choosing paints that are low in VOC’s you can help your overall air quality. And by choosing light colors, you’ll enhance the effect of your existing lighting, thereby reducing the wattage needed to produce the same effects with darker paint.

While we’re on the subject of room improvements, let’s talk about ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to stay green during those hot spring and summer days as they use dramatically less energy than the comparable effect from central air in the rooms where you need them most. With an amazing array of styles available, going green for summer will have your home looking great.

Moving outside, springtime is a great time to be thinking about water conservation ahead of summer heat. Installing a rain barrel or cistern system is not only exceedingly green, it’s also a cost effective way to keep your garden watered. It’s also a great way to keep some extra water handy should you experience a water outage (having a Berkey on hand is a great way to filter that water when you need it).

Another great aesthetic idea with a green twist is solar powered lighting. Available in everything from decorative ground features, to security lighting, to attractive string lights, solar powered lights have come a long way in recent years and can add a great decorative flair to your outside living space.

Lastly, plant a garden. There are many great green gardening ideas, including strictly organic options and the increasingly popular vertical garden. Growing plants for food or for the benefit of promoting a healthy local ecosystem is a fantastic way to add some green to your home this spring.

With a little bit of elbow grease and some imagination, you can get a few truly fun and green projects done this spring!

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