Direct Energy Wellness: Your Well-being Should Matter to YOU!

Direct Energy Wellness: Your Well-being Should Matter to YOU!

The Direct Energy Wellness series is designed to help you establish and maintain healthy living habits in the workplace. Our wellness experts will introduce you to a range of tips to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape – including exercises you can do at your desk!

Well-being: The state of being happy, healthy, or successful.

Direct Energy Wellness: Your Well-being Should Matter to YOU!

Many companies make great resources available to their employees through their benefits plans. This can include a range of solutions for any number of physical, personal, financial, and professional concerns. Here at Direct Energy, we add nutrition to this mix because the food we eat helps with both long-term and everyday health goals.

We understand you might not take advantage of these benefit opportunities at your job, and there might be some very good reasons for this. That’s why we want to help! We believe YOU are missing out on maintaining or improving your well-being in your professional and personal life.

We’ve created a brief road map to help YOU take charge of your well-being!

1) How Do YOU Spend Your Time?

Direct Energy Wellness: Your Well-being Should Matter to YOU!
Balancing your work life and home life is one of the biggest challenges of the modern world.

Most of us spend anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week working, and if you include weekends, that could be an additional five to ten hours. That’s  45 to 70 hours a week with your second family!

With that work schedule, you’re spending maybe two to three hours a night with family, friends, or personal time – barely 14 – 21 hours per week! It’s important to find that balance between work and home life as you develop your healthy well-being.

2) How Do YOU Take Care of  Yourself?

Direct Energy Wellness: Your Well-being Should Matter to YOU!
Taking care of your well-being isn’t about getting in shape or being a super-athlete. It’s about making your life just a little bit better for your long-term benefit.

Here is why your well-being should matter to you: When you take advantage of the resources available to you at your job regarding your happiness, health, and/or success, you will develop a positive aura that will extend into your personal life.

Consider this situation: When you are on a plane, the flight attendant typically explains that, in case of an emergency, the air mask will drop down for breathing assistance. They tell you to put your mask on first and then assist your loved ones.  They do this because they know if you are not well you can’t help others.

The principle applies to your professional and personal life. If you aren’t taking care of your personal well-being to become your best YOU, then you can’t help others become their best selves, whether it’s your family, friends, or work colleagues.

3) Why Should YOU Take Better Care of Yourself?

Direct Energy Wellness: Your Well-being Should Matter to YOU!
Whether it’s your family or large circle of friends, taking care of your well-being allows you to invest more time into the well-being of the people who are important to you.

Because your well-being matters! YOU should always strive to improve your physical, personal, financial, and professional well-being, so it’s important to seek out every possible opportunity or resource! This could be a program at work, the guidance of a mentor, conversations with a professional therapist, auditing a course at a community college for a Continuing Education Credit, or simply setting aside specific time away from work where you focus on you and the people important to you.

Simply put, establishing your proper well-being creates is a domino effect: when YOU have a positive well-being, you’re better able to assist others develop theirs!

This quote from Maya Angelou sums up our thoughts on the subject:

Nothing will work unless you do.

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