Direct Energy Wellness: Walking for the Health of It

The Direct Energy Wellness series is designed to help you establish and maintain healthy living habits in the workplace. Our wellness experts will introduce you to a range of tips to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape – including exercises you can do at your desk!

Fall is a great opportunity to start your New Year’s Resolutions!

Direct Energy Wellness: Walking for the Health of It | Direct Energy Blog
“Why are we talking about this in October?

Now, I can hear you through the computer screen – “Isn’t that three months away?”

My answer? “Exactly!” In fact, there are 3 great reasons to get ready for your New Year’s Resolutions now: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Let’s face it. The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year due to travel, family visits, and financial commitments. That makes this the perfect time to start your well-being journey early.

I imagine many of you are replying with “But it’s only October! What about the holidays and all that good food?” I’d like you to consider the following.

Direct Energy Wellness: Walking for the Health of It | Direct Energy Blog
Because Halloween candy is the best candy – except candy corn.

Think about all the goodies readily available to eat and enjoy around your workplace, just because of Halloween. Sure, this can depend upon the culture at your company, but it’s certainly like this at Direct Energy. So to encourage healthy living amid the holiday activity, Direct Energy begins a month-long physical activity challenge every October 1st to kick-start the holiday season and help our employees create early new year’s resolutions.

And as a brand-new initiative for 2016, we have partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Not only will employees walk to maintain or improve their health, but they are also walking to have funds donated to local hospitals that are helping kids in need.

Direct Energy Wellness: Walking for the Health of It | Direct Energy Blog
Who doesn’t love hearing the crunch of leaves under their feet in autumn?

So, even if you don’t work for a company with such a program, you can still apply the lesson to your own life. By focusing on your well-being BEFORE the holidays, you can roll right into the New Year with strength and momentum. And this increases your chances of success with any health goals you set!

My Recommendation: Start with the simple goal of walking 10,000 steps a day during the month of October.

In the November installment of Direct Energy Wellness, we’ll discuss some practical tips for taking care of your health during the holidays!

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