The Direct Energy Buzz for April 2014

DE - BuzzGreetings from Direct Energy! It’s time for our April installment of the Direct Energy Buzz. Here’s what’s been going on over the last month at Direct Energy in addition to useful energy saving life hacks. Hope you enjoy!

Direct Energy News
In the spirit of March Madness, Direct Energy hosted its own competition in early April. For each customer who signed up for new service in Texas with Direct Energy and correctly chose the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion, they won a $25 gift card. Hopefully, you were able to take advantage of that deal! If you missed it, stay tuned for more deals in the future.

Also in early April, Direct Energy, along with its media partner Trib Total Media, honored the 2014 Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year award winners in both the adult (18+ years of age) and junior (6-17 years of age) categories. A big Direct Energy congratulations went to Eugene Meidinger, the 3rd annual Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year, and Juliana Kochis, the first-ever Pittsburgh Junior Volunteer Citizen of the Year. In addition to the satisfaction of winning, the winners took home a commemorative trophy and a $2,500 donation from Direct Energy to their charities. It’s so rewarding to see people doing great work in the community!

Energy Saving Life Hacks

  • Save energy when microwaving food by placing the food in a donut shape inside the microwave. By keeping a gap open in the middle, it will allow the food to reheat more evenly so you won’t need to waste additional energy reheating for longer. If you need to microwave two bowls, save time by microwaving them both at the same time by propping one bowl up on a mug or glass.
  • If you’re listening to music on your smartphone and feel that it isn’t loud enough, place the phone in a paper cup. The cup will actually act as an amplifier and make the music being played louder so you don’t have to waste more energy by hooking it up to speakers.
  • Reduce energy when vacuuming by attaching an old ketchup top to your vacuum cleaner. It tackles hard to reach spaces easier than having to run the vacuum over the nooks and crannies repeatedly trying to pick up remaining dirt.
  • Save time and energy when ironing by placing a piece of aluminum foil under your ironing board cover. By doing so, it acts as a heat conductor so the article of clothing gets pressed on the top and bottom at one time.


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