Deciding the Fate of Your Halloween Pumpkins – 3 Recommendations

shutterstock_96950600It’s now November, and another fantastic Halloween season has drawn to a close. As we delve further into the seemingly endless Christmas retail season, one important question arises: what do you do with the leftover pumpkins your family and friends carved into jack-o’-lanterns? Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to deal with those friendly little orange gourds after the candy-hoarding spooks and goblins that graced your doorstep on Halloween retreated into the ether.

1) Check Their Condition

To begin, determine what state your Halloween pumpkins are in when the festivities ended. If you carved your ghastly gourd, you’ve exposed the insides to a day or more of exposure to the elements, rendering it less likely to be fit for further use (well, most of it anyway). If, however, your pumpkin remains intact, you still have plenty of options.

2) Get Creative

If your pumpkins went under the knife, you should consider non-food options for both flavor and safety. If you compost, pumpkins decompose well and add fantastic nutrients to your compost bin. If you want the same overall effect and do not have a compost pile, grab a shovel and bury your pumpkin. Better yet, before you lay low your Jack O’ Lantern, put some seeds inside and use it as a planter. If you’re a fan of wildlife, you may want to cut up your pumpkin shell and leave it out as feed for the critters in your area, or even use the shell as bird feeder.

shutterstock_860552353) Get Cooking

Now, if you’re like many folks and you leave your pumpkins intact as an overall autumn decoration scheme, you can choose to chow down! If you’re already accustomed to using these classic American autumn gourds in your recipes, you are familiar with the deliciousness of which I speak. But if you’ve not yet ventured down the road of pumpkin-oriented culinary awesomeness, it’s time for you to get to know this amazing fruit (yes, it is indeed a fruit!). From the traditional pumpkin pie and toasted pumpkin seeds, to pumpkin ravioli and pumpkin soup, the uses for these delicious orange wonders are as endless as your imagination. If you have a few pumpkins laying around, I encourage you to search online for “recipe for pumpkin {insert food/dish here}.” You will not be disappointed.

If you’re not careful, you’ll enjoy these simple projects so much you’ll gather up the spare jack-o’-lanterns from your neighbors’ porches before they end up in their rubbish bins! So get out there and have some fun with your leftover Halloween pumpkins!


Vernon Trollinger is a writer with a background in home improvement, electronics, fiction writing, and archaeology. He now writes about green energy technology, home energy efficiency, the natural gas industry, and the electrical grid.

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