Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Direct Energy

We can’t thank our mothers enough for what they’ve done, and for what they continue to do. But we can certainly find unique and simple ways to show them how much we love them, and how grateful we are. READ MORE

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day | Direct Energy Blog

Earth Day is approaching, and while every day is Earth Day, this is a day set aside to reflect and consider just how amazing and important our earth is to us. READ MORE

Celebrate Labor Day with Events Across the Nation

Celebrate Labor Day with Events Across the Nation | Direct Energy Blog

With summer coming to an end, Labor Day weekend is a great time for one last summer holiday trip. Celebrations around the country feature music, local food, vintage cars and more. If you’re looking for a long weekend getaway, here are some Labor Day events taking place around the country: READ MORE

When is Tax-Free Weekend in My State?

When is Tax-Free Weekend in my State? | Direct Energy Blog

What’s your favorite holiday? Most people choose Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or one of the other big ones. But those who are always looking for a deal and a way to save money will tell you that one of their favorite holidays is the tax-free weekend. READ MORE

Not into Fireworks? Try Our Four Alternatives for Your July Fourth Celebration

July Fourth is a celebration of America finding its own destiny and its own identity, which means it’s a time of celebration! This holiday is often marked by evenings watching amazing fireworks displays with friends and family. But speaking as a parent and a former sailor, there are many reason you might want to avoid those spectacular displays of light and sound. For many young children, fireworks can prove to be nerve racking and terrifying experiences, and for many veterans suffering from PTSD, fireworks and fire crackers can be a painful and difficult experience. READ MORE